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Swedish Ecotourism SocietyThe Swedish Ecotourism Society is a non-profit, non-governmental organization helping to protect and develop ecotourism in Sweden. Founded in 1996, the Society has over 400 members, making it one of the largest national ecotourism associations in the world. The Swedish Ecotourism Society aims to link tourism with nature conservation; to strengthen Sweden's profile as an exciting ecotourism destination while ensuring environmentally and socially responsible practices by operators, tour organizers and travelers; and to give natural and cultural heritage in Sweden an economic value by creating new work opportunities and quality tourism.


Nature's Best

Nature's BestNature's Best quality label works to ensure high standards in quality and sustainability. When it was founded in 2002, it was the first national ecotourism label in the Northern Hemisphere, and today has over 100 approved operators and almost 250 quality ecotourism activities. Nature's Best's six principles are: 1. Respect the limitations of the destination, minimize the negative impact on local nature and culture; 2. Support the local economy; 3. Make all the operators' activities environmentally sustainable; 4. Contribute actively to nature and cultural conservation; 5. Promote knowledge, respect and the joy of discovery; and 6. Quality and safety all the way. See full list of Nature's Best approved operators and activities.


Featured Members

Guide Natura

Guide Natura

Guide Natura is your natural choice for nature experiences in Swedens most norhern Aarkipelago in the Gulf of Bothnia - Coastal Swedish Lapland. Guide Natura operates at Renön, centrally located in Piteå archipelago, and provides you with nature travel experience that at the same time contributes to local and global conservation and sustainable development. Guide Natura is certified by Sweden's ecotourism label, "Nature's Best".


Guest House Tornedalen

Guest House Tornedalen

Guest House Tornedalen is a small-scale holiday accommodation close to the Arctic Centre in Tornedalen, Swedish Lapland. Guest House Tornedalen protect cultural heritage, nature and beauty, take advantage of old buildings to create beautiful and comfortable accommodation for those who wants to visit Tornedalen. Allow yourself to do nothing, live simply, relax, take the day as it pleases you...



Featured Stories


How German Tourists Saved A Village Store in Northern Sweden

An inspiring story demonstrating the power of ecotourism to build a connection between the guests and the destination - from in the small village of Nattavaara near the Iron Ore Line, fifty kilometres south of Gällivare in the far north of Sweden.

Mining Boom Threatens Laponia Ecotourism, Northern Sweden

The global increase in metal prices has led to a Swedish mining boom, generating a conflict between creating mining jobs and preserving unique natural environments and traditional employment such as reindeer herding.

Gothenburg Natural Scene: 300 Square Feet of Green for Every Resident

From Your Travel Choice Blog: With an extensive tram network and bus line system, one can readily reach these beautiful open spaces in Gothenburg (Göteborg) - forests, meadows, lakes, parks and gardens peppered throughout the area.


Indigenous Peoples

The Sámi people have lived in Sápmi, Northern areas of what is today Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. Sámi raditional nomadic lifestyle centers around the annual cycle of reindeer herding. The Sámi language has three main dialects: Eastern, Central and Southern Sámi. (Source: Nutti Sámi Siida)



VisitSápmi: Promoting an Authentic Sámi Experience Through Sustainable Tourism

Sápmi (or Lapland) has long attracted visitors from all over the world, and is visited by millions of tourists every year. In spite of this bustling tourist activity, there are very few successful Sámi tourism companies. The Sámi community wants to change this, and wants to be more involved with decision making in the Swedish tourism industry.


Sápmi Experience Label

Sápmi Experience Label Recognizes Excellence in Authentic Tourism

Tourism activities under the Sápmi Experience Quality Label are based on the common heritage of the Sámi. Sámi tourism must be sustainable over the long term. Sápmi Experience operators strive for social, cultural, ecological and commercial sustainability, respect the integrity of the Sámi culture, and work to prevent its objectification.


Nutti Sámi Siida

Nutti Sámi Siida: Responsible Development of Indigenous Ecotourism in Swedish Sápmi

Nutti Sámi Siida is a Sámi tourism enterprise situated in the village of Jukkasjärvi in Sweden, offering diverse activities such as reindeer sledding, visits to a reindeer corral, lasso throwing, tasting Sámi food, touring the area, opportunities to see and purchase traditional handicrafts, and education about Sámi culture and livelihoods.




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Photo Credits: Cover, ecoDestinations Partner, Nature's Best - Staffan Widstrand/Swedish Ecotourism Society; VisitSápmi and Sápmi Experience Label - Lennart Pittja; Nutti Sámi Siida - Katja Bechtloff.



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