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Mexico is an outstandingly beautiful country with deep history and culture. You will get to know the inner workings of what makes Mexico one of the most sought after destinations. From the origination of tequila in the mountainous state of Jalisco, to the beautiful white sandy beaches and ancient Mayan temples, Mexico has the grand mixture of the best to offer. The people of Mexico treasure their land and are inviting to those who are interested in witnessing the beauty and preservation of their culture. Stay up to date, spread the word and visit Mexico in the best of style – the eco-tourist way!

Michelle Rodrigues
Michelle Rodrigues


109 Million People, 200,000 Species, Countless Opportunities

Mexico (the United Mexican States) is the fifth-largest country in the Americas, with 2 million square kilometers, and the most populous Spanish-speaking country in the world. Northern regions (noth of the Tropic of Cancer) of Mexico are temperate climate zones with cooler temperatures during the winter months, where as areas south of the twenty-fourth parallel experience tropical climate with fairly constant temperatures year round. With climate varying as a function of elevation, Mexico is also home to one of the world's most diverse weather systems. Mexico is the seventh major tourist destination in the world according the World Tourism Organisation (WTO), with spectacular beaches, mountains, rainforests, deserts, and friendly and welcoming haciendas.


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TIES Members & Partners in Mexico

Meet our members and partners leading the efforts to promote Mexico's sustainable tourism development and responsible travel initiatives.


Mayan Encounters

Mayan Encounters
Project Mayan Encounters has been established by Stefanie Baeker, in collaboration with some environmentally passionate, multilingual guides in the Riviera Maya, to design relaxed, eco-conscious adventure trips for travelers with special needs and physical limitations.

Eco Colors

Eco Colors Tours
Eco Colors Tours aims to protect and preserve the unique ecosystems in Mexico by conbining environmental conservation and tourism. Through unique nature tours, Eco Colors offers the opportunity for travelers to explore Mexico's amazing ecosystems in an educational and safe manner.

Visit Sian

Visit Sian Ka'an
Visit Sian Ka’an is committed to protecting the local area and its fragile ecosystem, through a business model based on sustainable tourism - minimizing the environmental impact of tours. Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is home to thousands of species of flora and fauna, and remains the largest protected area in the Mexican Caribbean.

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