Lifetime Achievement Award 2011

Lifetime Achievement Award 2011

Stanley Selengut, Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient 2011

Stanley SelengutStanley Selengut is a civil engineer and developer (recognized by many in the tourism industry as "the father of sustainable resort development"), sustainable design consultant, and innovative tourism business leader. In 1976, he created Maho Bay Camps on St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands, as an economically viable resort facility compatible with National Park mandates.


The 114 unit Maho Bay Campground is not only environmentally responsible but is also one of the most profitable businesses on the island. Decades ago, when ecotourism wasn't yet a recognized word or concept, Maho Bay - built by locals on hand-dug footings in order to minimize impact to the land - was pioneering small-impact, responsible and authentic ecotourism experience featuring key elements of "sense of place" of the Caribbean island.


Stanley also created the "Trash to Treasures Art Center", a craft center focusing on the local re-manufacture of waste from the resorts into saleable craft items and fine art. The Center offers classes on glass-making - making glass from bottles that are usually discarded in the trash, fabric & paper class - making art paper from office waste mixed with lint from the laundry - among many other creative and fun opportunities for Maho Bay guests.


Estate Concordia Preserve, 51-acre sister eco-resort to Maho Bay Camps, explores utility self-sufficient cottages, super insulated villas, solar power, cisterns to collect rainwater, and other green building processes, implementing lessons learned with Maho Bay. Maho Bay and Estate Concordia continue to be textbook case studies for eco-construction and sustainability.


Stanley has put environmental education as one of his top priorities. He has spoken before hundreds of schools and conferences worldwide and uses his properties for workshops for Virgin Island school children and educational institutions nationwide. He has received the International Society of Hospitality Consultants (ISHC) Pioneer Award and USVI Hotel and Tourism Association's Tommy Star Award, among many other achievements and recognition for his leadership in tourism and conservation.


He has served as a Founding Board Member of the International Ecotourism Society (TIES); on the National Council of The National Parks and Conservation Association; and as Chairman of the Committee on Sustainability and Environmental Leadership for the National Park System Advisory Board.



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