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    YOU can see our unique wildlife in its natural environment - and take away some wonderful memories of the real Australia and its unique animals and birds. The best way to get to know our famous Australian mammals and birds is IN THE WILD - in natural bushland close to Melbourne or in the wilderness areas of south east Australia. Come and see wild Kangaroos, Koalas, Emus, Cockatoos, Wallabies, Penguins ...... and so much more!

    Echidna Walkabout is based in Melbourne, Victoria. Our tours are ideal for small groups of travellers of all ages from all over the world. Our tours can be combined to suit your wishes and special tours can be arranged for groups of family, corporate, conference and special interest travellers. so please let us know what Australian wildlife experience YOU are looking for.

    Sustainability Practices

    Echidna Walkabout's driving principle, from inception, is positive conservation. We believe that people protect what they know, and what they love. So we set out to create a style of tourism that not only minimizes negative effects on the environment, but positively creates a sense of wonder, an understanding, a power to change for the better. Interestingly, in the process, our own sense of wonder grew! We started to see our wildlife and environment through the eyes of a first-time visitor. Our magnificent wild kangaroos, our gentle koalas, our noisy, gorgeous cockatoos even our huge stinging Bull Ants are all so special and we are so lucky to have them in Australia! Knowing these wild animals, working with them every day and teaching others how to work with them has given us an even greater appreciation and a passion to preserve our wildlife and natural spaces. In addition, we were lucky enough to start working with our local Aboriginal Community the Wathaurong who have continued to be mentors, teachers and friends. Much of our understanding of wildlife, the bush and of Respect has come from their teaching, and we have a lot to thank them for. The Gunai/Kurnai People of East Gippsland have also taught us much about their magnificent area. We always aim to work with the indigenous people of any area we travel to. Not only is it the correct protocol, it is usually enormously rewarding. Australians are incredibly lucky that our first people are here and are willing to talk and share with us. The greatest compliment we receive is when our travellers return to their home and see their own place, their own wildlife, and maybe their indigenous culture with a new enthusiasm. Our mission as a tour operator is to ensure that wild animals have a future in wild habitats around Australia. Many of our environmental practices are hidden behind the scenes of a tour. As eco-tour operators we respect, reduce, re-use and recycle, as a matter of course. But it is in the details that these ethics are shown. Following is a list of our environmental practices, which are important to all facets of the business, and personally.

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