TIES eNewsletter - July 2012

TIES eNewsletter - July 2012

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Are you joining TIES team and hundreds of tourism professionals from around the world at the ESTC12 this September? If you're passionate about sustainability, interested in making a difference in our industry, or looking for networking opportunities to help boost your career in ecotourism and sustainable tourism (or all of the above!), the ESTC is THE place to be, with industry trendsetters and influencers from over 30 countries. Don't miss it! (www.ecotourismconference.org)


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TIES Headlines: Partner Program, New Publication


Association Members



TIES Association Network Program

TIES Association Network Program aims to strengthen collaboration among industry associations and to contribute to knowledge-building opportunities in the tourism industry worldwide. Learn more about our goals of sharing opportunities and strengthening knowledge, and get to know our Association partners from around the world.


Tourism and Sustainable Development


Tourism and Sustainable Development
TIES new publication "Sustainable Tourism & the Millennium Development Goals: Effecting Positive Change" (Jones & Bartlett Learning) will be launched this summer, and the ESTC12 attendees this September will have the chance to meet and learn from some of the authors, and be among the first to get a signed copy!




TIES-EXCHANGE: 200+ Members from over 55 Countries

In the past few months, 216 members have joined TIES-EXCHANGE, the networking platform for TIES professional and organization members. Sign up now to network, participate in discussions, and share blogs, photos and videos. You can also find and connect with those who are attending the ESTC12.


ESTC Speaker Spotlights


ESTC12 Keynote Speakers

Engaging Discussions, Practical Lessons

At the upcoming Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism Conference (ESTC), international presenters with diverse expertise will share their passions and inspirations, offering insights into how tourism can be a positive force for change.


ESTC12 Presents Ecotourism Pioneers, Community Development Experts
Our featured keynote presenters include: Sydney Allicock, Guyana's indigenous community leader and tourism pioneer; Trip Van Noppen, President of Earthjustice; and Amy Carter-James, Co-Founder of Guludo Beach Lodge, the winner of the 2011 Tourism for Tomorrow Award for Community Benefit.


Ben Sherman, President of Native Tourism Alliance
Sherman will present on how Indigenous values of generosity, respect, and spirituality can be applied to help shape a universal tourism ethic, sharing guiding principles for a brand of tourism hospitality and sustainability that offers universal appeal.


Heather Arrowood, Organisation Ecotouristique du Lac Oguemoué (OELO)
Heather Arrowood will present a case study from Tsam Tsam in Gabon, focusing on OELO's efforts to promote wildlife conservation through community-based ecotourism, and OELO's partnership with WWF in the Bas-Ogooué Ramsar Site.



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Member News: Ecotourism and Communities


Member News


Engaging Communities, Empowering People


By increasing local capacity building and employment opportunities, ecotourism is an effective vehicle for empowering local communities around the world to fight against poverty and to achieve sustainable development. Learn about TIES members' examples from Costa Rica and Peru: highlighting Indigenous heritage through ecotourism.


Embracing the Indigenous Identity in Costa Rica through Tourism
Costa Rica is well known for its biodiversity, beaches and volcanoes, with all the adventures and activities surrounding them, but you can't compare Costa Rica's pre-Columbian patrimony with other countries like Guatemala, Mexico or some of the South American destinations. But that does not mean Costa Rica doesn't have a rich heritage to share!


Rainforest Expeditions: Experience an Ancient Ayahuasca Ceremony in Peru
Guests at Rainforest Expeditions' Posada Amazonas Eco-Lodge can participate in an ancient Ayahuasca Ceremony, which is said to help repair the spirit. Posada Amazonas was the recent recipient of the Rainforest Alliance 2012 Sustainable Standard-Setters Award.



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Industry News and Opportunities


Industry News and Opportunities


Be In the Know


From the desks of TIES staff members, here are this month's recommended reads, to help you stay up-to-date on key issues and opportunities in our industry: A report on Water Equity in Tourism, a green holiday guide to the Forest of Bowland region of northwest England, ecotourism's "image problem", and more.


Water Equity in Tourism - A Human Right, A Global Responsibility
A report by Tourism Concern reveals the stark inequities between tourist resorts and local people in developing countries. The unsustainable appropriation, depletion and pollution of water by poorly regulated tourism are threatening the environment, while undermining livelihoods and development opportunities of local communities.


TO DO! Contest: Celebrating Local Voices Through Socially Responsible Tourism
TO DO! Contest for Socially Responsible Tourism calls for entries from enterprises and public or private institutions that implement tourism activities focusing on the interests and needs of the local population.


The Green Globetrotter: An Example of Moving Ecotourism Into the Mainstream
How do we capitalize on the public's penchant for going green and communicate the principles of ecotourism in a way that makes sense to them? By being willing to step outside of our comfort zone and into theirs. We need to spread the message using language that is understandable, packaging that is desirable and easily accessible.


Guide to the Forest of Bowland Promotes Green Holiday Opportunities
Green Traveller's Guide to the Forest of Bowland is an extensive online travel guide, featuring tips on where to stay, what to eat and what to do in the Forest of Bowland region of northwest England. Green Traveller vetted its picks for restaurants, lodging, and attractions based on quality of experience, benefit to the region's local economy and commitment to environmental conservation.


TIES Renewed Members: June & July 2012



Adventure Gurudongma - India - Member Since 2010
Black Sheep Inn - Ecuador - Member Since 2001
Cristalino Jungle Lodge - Brazil - Member Since 2009
dit (Desarrollo e Investigaciones Turisticas, S.L) - Spain - Member Since 2010
East Quest, Inc - USA - Member Since 2006
Nature Travel Specialists LLC - USA - Member Since 2003
Summit Expeditions & Nomadic Experience - Tanzania - Member Since 2009
Travel Oregon - USA - Member Since 2008
Volcanoes Safaris - Uganda - Member Since 2003
Wilderness Travel - USA - Member Since 1990



Mr. Jean-Baptiste Grimaud - Ghana - Member Since 2010
Mr. Eric Dreano - France - Member Since 2009
Mr. Manuel Miroglio - Mexico - Member Since 2011
Mr. Keith Murray - Australia - Member Since 2009
Mr. David Sollitt - USA - Member Since 2006



TIES New Members: June & July 2012 



Indigo Group - Turkey
jaguardeturquesa - Mexico
Macaw Lodge
- Costa Rica
The Columbus International Program - USA
The Stanford Inn by the Sea - USA
USF Patel School of Global Sustainability - USA


Mr. Adnan Alsharrah - Kuwait
Mr. Sandro Angiolini - Italy
Mr. Jeffer Dario Buitrago Betancourt - Colombia
Mr. John Cederquist - USA
Mr. Jonathan Crisp - USA
Ms. Jessica Delo - USA
Mr. Gerard Frontin - Trinidad and Tobago
Mrs. Kendall Gayle - USA
Ms. Susan Getty - USA
Dr. Ute Jamrozy - USA
Ms. Lenka Karlikova - Slovakia
Ms. Hilary Keenan - USA
Ms. Christianna Rice - USA
Mr. Vineet Singh - India
Dr. Sergio Teixeira - Portugal
Ms. Cynthia Linnell Whalen - USA
Dr. Heather Zeppel - Australia



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