TIES eNewsletter - April 2012

TIES eNewsletter - April 2012

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This Sunday, April 22nd is Earth Day, a day of education and action to support the global environmental movement and local people-powered solutions. While "every day is earth day" for many of you who are ecotourism supporters and sustainability advocates, the worldwide celebration of Earth Day will be a great occasion for all of us to join, gather, share and find hope and inspiration for a more sustainable future of our world.


So how will YOU be celebrating Earth Day?


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The Island President

The Island President

If you're looking for an inspiration for environmental action this Earth Day Weekend, check out the award-winning documentary The Island President, the story of (now-ousted) President Mohamed Nasheed of the Maldives fighting to save his low-lying island nation and calling for strong climate actions by world leaders. See upcoming film screenings.

TIES Headlines: MDGs, Sustainable Farming 

Tourism and the MDGs

Tourism and the Millennium Development Goals

TIES new publication "Sustainable Tourism & the Millennium Development Goals: Effecting Positive Change" will be launched at this year's ESTC (Monterey, California, Sept 17-19). Focusing on the key challenges and opportunities for sustainable development, the book discusses tourism's roles in alleviating poverty, empowering communities and supporting conservation.

Local Cookbook Giveaway

Local Food Cookbook Giveaway Facebook Contest

Head over to TIES Facebook page for a chance to win a free copy of the cookbook Farmstead Chef, showcasing local, organic and fresh ingredients. Every Thursday in April, the Farmstead Chef authors will post a question, and you can post your comment to be entered into a drawing for a copy of this cookbook.

*This contest is open to residents of the US and Canada only.


TIES Members Projects & Case Studies

Member News

Insights and Best Practices from around the World

Here are inspiring examples - from Canada, Costa Rica, Guyana and Peru - and useful lessons shared by TIES members, demonstrating the tangible social and economic benefits of ecotourism, as well as the importance of ecotourism as a tool for biodiversity conservation.


A Case for Organic Coffee Farming: Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee Plantation and Inn, Costa Rica
An organic shade grown coffee plantation is a natural agar dish for a robust ecology where the factors for sustainability are taken into consideration as much as the quality of the product that would result from this kind of farming.


Arviat Community Ecotourism Initiative: Creating a Local Tourism Economy and Pride in Culture in a Remote Inuit Community
The Arviat Community Ecotourism initiative is a grassroots project involving many individuals and several small businesses in Arviat, Nunavut with a vision to establish a sustainable community-based tourism enterprise.


Training Guides in Guyana S.A. - Lesson Learned
The former British colony and only English-speaking country in South America, Guyana, with nearly 80% of its original rainforest habitat intact, is an up and coming destination for ecotourism.


From the Andes to the Amazon Rainforest: Peru Educational Journey with Worldwide Ecotours and InkaNatura Travel
With the goal of highlighting educational experiences, the 18-day journey "From the Andes to the Amazon", by Worldwide Ecotours and InkaNatura Travel combines the Andes and the Amazon rainforest of Peru.



TIES Member News: Awards & Achievements

TIES Member News Awards and Achievements


We are pleased to share the following achievements by TIES members, receiving prestigious recognition for their innovation and leadership in ecotourism and sustainable business operations that have made a difference for their communities and destinations.


Inkaterra Receives the 2012 Tourism for Tomorrow Conservation Award
Inkaterra promotes scientific research for the conservation of ecosystems and natural resources funded by ecotourism, as a replicable model for local communities; offering authentic experiences, capturing, disseminating and educating about the culture and nature of Peru.


Ibex Expeditions Awarded National Tourism Award for Most Innovative Tour Operator in India
The National Tourism Awards of the Ministry of Tourism serve to acknowledge, reward and celebrate excellence across all sectors of the Indian travel and tourism industry. Ibex Expeditions was honoured by the President of India in New Delhi, on 29th February 2012 as the 'Most Innovative Tour Operator' of India.



TIES Travel Ambassador Program 

We are pleased to welcome new TIES Travel Ambassadors from Mexico, Montenegro, the USA, South Africa, Canada (and many other places where they travel to for work and pleasure). In the coming weeks and months, these ambassadors will be working with TIES team to spread the word about ecotourism, to share inspiring travel stories and to engage more travelers to travel responsibly.

Travel Ambassador Travel Ambassador Travel Ambassador Travel Ambassador Travel Ambassador



TIES New Members: March & April 2012




Active & Adventure Tours Mongolia LLC - Mongolia
AndoAndes Ecotourism Chile - Chile 
Anubis Tours - Egypt
Bukla Tour
- Turkey
Cancun/Holbox Whale Shark Tours - USA
Control Union - Peru
Dittmar Adventures - Chile
Ecotourism & Wildlife Travel, SL - Spain
Monterey County Business Council - USA
Monterey Institute of International Studies - USA
Oregon's Mt. Hood Territory - USA
Reserva Biologica Caoba - Colombia
Suldoz Kouhyaran Institute - Iran
Tahi - New Zealand
Taskonaklar Hotel Cappadocia - Turkey
Tropical Consult - Germany
Vesselka Consulting Ltd - United Kingdom
Worldwide Ecotours - Canada




Mr. Amos Bien - Costa Rica (Rara Avis Rainforest Lodge & Reserve)
Dr. Rosemary Black
- Australia (Charles Sturt University)
Mr. Joseph Cheer - Australia (Monash University)
Mr. Joselito Costas - Philippines (Project Seahorse Foundation)
Asst. Prof. Stuart Cottrell - USA (Colorado State University)
Mr. Debashis Das - India
Ms. Holly Donohoe - Canada (Rogers University)
Dr. Nikolay Durmanov - Russia (Ministry of Education and Sciences)
Prof. Alan Fairbairn - USA (New York Institute of Technology)
Ms. Heather Gordy - USA (San Francisco State University)
Mr. Yoshihiro Kamon - Japan
Mr. Michael Lee - New Zealand
Ms. Linda McCormick - Australia (Eco Traveller Guide)
Mr. Muhammad Asghar Shaheen - Pakistan (Urdam Tours & Travels)
Mr. Steve Noakes - Australia (Ecolodges Indonesia)
Mr. Chris Pesenti - Mexico (RED Sustainable Travel)
Mr. Paul Radchenko - Canada (Alberta Ministry of Tourism, Parks and Recreation)
Mr. Jerry Sandberg - USA (Audubon Zoo)
Asst. Prof. Keri A Schwab - USA (University of Utah)
Ms. Lynn Seno-Smith - USA (Classic Escapes Inc.)
Mr. Dilip Sirisena - Sri Lanka (National Tour Guide)
Ms. Sue Snyman - South Africa (Wilderness Safaris)
Ms. Svitlana Iarmolenko - USA (The Pennsylvania State University)
Dr. Anna Spenceley - South Africa (University of Johannesburg)
Mr. Jeffrey Sunnylai - Brunei (Brunei Tourism)
Ms. Nataly Tkachenko - United Kingdom (Vesselka Consulting Ltd)
Ms. Barbara Whitman - USA (Under The Sea Hawaii) 
Mr. Can Yalvac - Turkey



TIES Renewed Members: March & April 2012




Green Team - USA - Member Since 2001
Southern Explorations - USA - Member Since 2001
La Cusinga Ecolodge - Costa Rica - Member Since 2006
University of Minnesota Tourism Center - USA - Member Since 2006
Aegea Adventures - USA - Member Since 2007
Boundless Journeys - USA - Member Since 2007
Bluewater Adventures - Canada - Member Since 2008
Vaya Adventures - USA - Member Since 2008
Clayoquot Wilderness Resort - Canada - Member Since 2009
Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort - USA - Member Since 2009
Hamanasi Adventure & Dive Resort - Belize - Member Since 2009
Hawaii Island Retreat - USA - Member Since 2009
Hawaii Shark Encounters - USA - Member Since 2009
La Selva Amazon Ecolodge & Spa - Ecuador - Member Since 2009
Peregrine Adventures - Australia - Member Since 2009
Eastern Michigan University - USA - Member Since 2010
Edmonds Community College - USA - Member Since 2010
Matinabad Desert Eco-Camp - Iran - Member Since 2010
Pacific Trade Winds - Costa Rica - Member Since 2010
Samasati Nature Retreat - Costa Rica - Member Since 2010
The Boat Company - USA - Member Since - 2010
Accionatura - Spain - Member Since 2011
Ecuador Galapagos Travels - Ecuador - Member Since 2011




Mr. Arthur De Jong - Canada (WhistlerBlackcomb) - Member Since 2006
Dr. Vern Telford - Canada - Member Since 2006
Prof. Todd Comen - USA - Member Since 2008
Ms. Gabriela Pedrotti - Venezuela (Il Delfino Tours) - Member Since 2011





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