Wildlife Spain: A New Product From Ecowildlife Travel

Wildlife Spain: A New Product From Ecowildlife Travel


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New Routes Throughout Spain Will Help Travelers Discover Iberian Wildlife

Wildlife SpainEcowildlife Travel has recently announced a new product, Wildlife Spain, which will bring national and international attention to ecotourism in the region. Wildlife Spain will offer several tours that explore national parks and other protected areas in the Iberian Peninsula. In these natural areas, visitors can find the rich biodiversity that Iberia is known for. A presentation on Wildlife Spain was held on May 15th, 2013 in the National Geographic Madrid Store, where José Luis Rivera (CEO of Ecowildlife) spoke about the new product and destinations, highlighting some of the unique and diverse ecosystems of Spain: from the Cantabric Mountains to the wild marshes, Mediterranean forests, and plains.

Wildlife Spain Big Five TourThe main tour by Wildlife Spain is the "Big Five Tour" of the large national fauna: bears in the Palentina Mountain, wolves in the Zamora mountain range, lynx in Doñana, and imperial and royal eagles.


Wildlife Spain makes an effort to work directly with local suppliers, practice fair trade, and support the conservation of endangered species in order to promote a respectful and sustainable natural tourism that directly benefits the regions visited. Following this philosophy of sustainability, Wildlife Spain is led by conservation professionals and nature lovers with long-term experience observing wildlife.


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