Wildland Adventures: Helping Travelers Help Endangered Areas and Cultures Around the World

Wildland Adventures: Helping Travelers Help Endangered Areas and Cultures Around the World

Wildland Adventures

Travel That Gives Back

Profound personal experiences with endangered environments and cultures can be a powerful motivator for change and the demand for conservation travel globally is growing.


Kurt Kutay, founding president and CEO of Seattle-based Wildland Adventures, recalls a family on a tour in Africa that was so moved by encounters with a traditional Maasai community that the experience literally set their lives on an unexpected course. Upon returning to the United States, they launched a fundraising campaign and returned as a family to help build a school in the Maasai village.


"This is the reason I started Wildland Adventures," says Kutay. "My background was with the National Parks Service and l loved conservation and I loved travel and exploring new environments and cultures."


Promoting People-to-People Connections

Wildland Adventures brings its customers to some of the planet's most stunning destinations while at the same time connecting them with places and people in need, whether it’s tiger habitat conservation in India or a Maasai school building project in Kenya. And although not all guests return from a trip determined to launch their own non-profit fundraising initiative, the hope is that such experiences will result in a personal shift in their behavior, such as a decision not to buy that time-share condo in Mexico and instead spend discretionary dollars on more philanthropic endeavors.


"We want our customers to become connected to a destination in a deep way. It's those people-to-people connections with local communities that keeps me motivated," says Kutay.


Beyond volunteer opportunities that are built into many of Wildland Adventures' trips, guests can support conservation efforts through the Travelers Conservation Trust, (TCT) a non-profit foundation launched by Kutay back in 1986. From its inception, TCT has worked to form and strengthen links between environmentally concerned travelers and host-country grassroots conservation groups.


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