Why Take A Walking Vacation?

Why Take A Walking Vacation?

Walking Vacation Specialists The Wayfarers Launches New Guide

Walkaway GuideNewport, RI, USA, January 31, 2013 - Walking vacation specialists The Wayfarers has launched an inspirational new, free 34 page guide to why exploring the world on foot is the best way to travel. The Walk Away Guide, written by leading travel writer Everett Potter, also offers expert advice on how to choose a destination, how to prepare, what to pack and who you'll meet.


A walking vacation is the ultimate in slow travel. The Wayfarers believes it’s not just about 'getting there' but savouring the journey and noticing the details along the trail, which makes a vacation truly memorable. Just as the Slow Food Movement is about much more than eating, slow travel is about much more than reaching your destination. The unique elements of a walking vacation are summed up by Everett Potter in The Walk Away Guide:


"Even at two miles per hour – after all, this is not a race - the world can be so rich, so dense with history, meaning and beauty, that you may occasionally feel that you want to walk even slower. Walking is the most natural form of exercise and a walk through a landscape is the best way to get to know a place."


An expertly guided walking vacation offers the time to really learn about a country and appreciate its scenery and wildlife. The Walk Away Guide aims to inspire those who have never hiked before with the promise of stunning scenery, silence, fresh air and open spaces, wildlife, cultural discovery, a fitness challenge and new friendships on the trail. It offers practical fitness advice from Marcus Shapiro, personal trainer and founder of Fit for Trips.


The two full-time guides on every walk provide authentic experiences and unique insights about their native country. Every Walk is fully inclusive from arrival on Day One, allowing guests to unwind and let the full-time Walk leader and manager deal with the logistics. Further transfers, accommodation, entrance fees, snacks on the trail, meals with wine and tips, maps and souvenirs are meticulously organised and included in the Walk price.


The Wayfarers is the authority on Walking Vacations, with almost 30 years' experience of creating unique Walks all over the world. The company has high levels of repeat bookings from delighted guests, supported by a generous loyalty club.


The Walk Away Guide is published in the following formats:


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