Wellness Tourism Worldwide Seeks to Improve Well-being and Economic Growth Through Travel

Wellness Tourism Worldwide Seeks to Improve Well-being and Economic Growth Through Travel

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Wellness tourism is a niche segment within the travel industry, but one that is steadily growing.  Essentially it is a movement to change travel to include healthy activities and options that will bring authentic experiences and rejuvenation to the tourism industry. New TIES partner, Wellness Tourism Worldwide (WTW), is an organization dedicated to promoting and developing this industry across countries, regions, and sectors, with the ultimate goal of improving personal well-being and economic growth through travel.

WTW has researched many growing trends in the industry. Rather than checking off a long list of tourist sites in a short amount of time, consumers are interested in the emotional, social, intellectual, and sustainable aspects of well-being. Camille Hoheb, wellness travel industry expert and founder of Wellness Tourism Worldwide noted, "The multi-dimensionality of wellness opens the door to a whole new world." She added, “This forecast will encourage consumers and business to think of vacation travel in new ways. Our data shows that consumers view vacations as an important way to improve health, happiness and productivity. Vacation trips are often a catalyst for transformation and consumers view wellness travel as a personal investment.” Moreover, wellness tourists are high-yield tourists who bring great economic impacts and support preservation of traditional culture.

There are a variety of aspects in which wellness tourism and ecotourism intersect. The first of these is food.  As the local, organic food movement takes off, there is an increasing interest in understanding and enjoying food from around the world. Organizations and tour companies with a focus on farm-to-table experiences and cooking classes all speak to the physical and emotional aspects of well-being.

Another aspect of well-being is an interest in the environment’s rejuvenation of the soul. Busy professionals value nature’s solution to an increasingly sedentary and urbanized lifestyle. So while on vacation, many tourists are seeking out hiking, kayaking, or scuba diving experiences in national parks and marine sanctuaries.

Fitness is yet another area of interest. Spas and health resorts have long been popular tourist destinations but are increasing seen as the pampering of the rich, a brand that those businesses are eager to shake off.  Instead, they are re-branding themselves as wellness providers, offering traditional meditation, yoga, prayer, and tours to near-by spiritual sites.

The final aspect of well-being is personal enrichment.  Many tourists now prefer traveling at a slower pace. There is a deeper appreciation for locally relevant and authentic experiences. This can be manifested in a number of ways – from partaking in alternative and indigenous medicines to volunteering at a local charity. Visiting museums and other cultural attractions can also connect tourists to art’s important role of engagement, innovation, and creative well-being.

Even tourists who don’t choose a specific well-being tour are still interested in healthy habits while on vacation. Air transit and hotels are investing resources, such as healthy menus and sustainable construction, to attract these guests that are both business and leisure travelers.

The direction of the tourism industry is changing, and wellness and ecotourism are compatible in many ways. Consumers are increasingly interested in healthy and sustainable lifestyles, both on a personal and global level. We are proud to be collaborating and working with WTW to promote and increase awareness throughout the sustainable tourism industry.

To learn more about Wellness Tourism Worldwide (WTW), please take a look at their website.


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