Vesselka Consulting Ltd. to Expand the Black Sea Sustainable Rural Tourism Program in Partnership with WWF Turkey

Vesselka Consulting Ltd. to Expand the Black Sea Sustainable Rural Tourism Program in Partnership with WWF Turkey

Vesselka Consulting

Discussions in Istanbul result in an agreement with WWF Turkey to cooperate with the Black Sea Sustainable Rural Tourism Program in targeted areas in Turkey.

The long-term success of the Black Sea Sustainable Rural Tourism Program (BST Program) was strengthened this week after discussions with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Turkey resulted in a cooperation agreement. The BST Program and WWF Turkey reviewed ways that the program could best achieve its goals of rural community sustainable development and environmental preservation in Turkey while supporting the efforts of WWF Turkey.


The first area of cooperation will be in the Küre Mountains National Park, part of the Pan Park system. The park is situated on the West of the Black Sea Region and considered to be one of Europe's 100 Forest Hotspots that need to be protected given the presence of rare, endangered and vulnerable ecosystems.


The BST Program mandate is to create new, sustainable opportunities in rural areas for eco-tourism activities on a community benefit basis. The planning must be community generated and run.


Many rural areas in Turkey are losing their population to the cities, resulting in a land degradation, loss of forests and villages with little means to support themselves. Many in Turkey do not see their future in the rural communities because of a lack of opportunities regardless of their desire to remain. The Küre Mountains National Park is a vast natural attraction that can help local communities learn and benefit from sustainable activities, provide funds to protect and expand the park and create a reason to stay.


Vesselka Consulting is also discussing similar locations in non-protected areas in the Black Sea District which stretches from the Georgian border to the outskirts of Istanbul. These communities have either been cut off from the sea as a result of the major highway built from Samsun, Turkey to Batumi, Georgia, and are experiencing rapid migration to the cities and a significant drop in livelihoods of those who try to remain.


These villages that are immersed in great natural beauty and a thousand year history and the BST Program has met with community leaders who have identified begun organic farming as a way to live sustainably, protect important agricultural land while selling products in Istanbul that offer a clear alternative to the factory farming taking place elsewhere.


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