UCC: Innovative International Program for Ecotourism Students

UCC: Innovative International Program for Ecotourism Students

TIES and University Partners Offer Certificate Program for Ecotourism Students 


TIES Press ReleaseWashington DC, December 18, 2007 - The International Ecotourism Society (TIES), the world’s largest and oldest ecotourism association promoting socially, ecologically and economically responsible travel, announces the TIES University Consortium Certificate (UCC) program, a unique opportunity for students in various disciplines to gain an inherent, reality-based knowledge of the principles of ecotourism within the context of sustainable development.


The UCC program currently partners with the following universities: California Polytechnic State University, North Carolina State University, West Virginia University, and the University of Utah. TIES is working with existing programs at these universities to combine resources and expertise to offer a field certificate in ecotourism that will ensure an educational foundation in ecotourism, with a combination of flexible and standardized components.


With the first groups of students starting their certificate programs in Spring 2008, TIES is thrilled to officially launch the UCC. "We welcome students interested in sustainable development and their respective university dedicated to strengthening their offerings in ecotourism and sustainable travel to take advantage of this innovative, multidisciplinary program. It is a great opportunity to link students with the profession and visa versa, a win-win for all," says Dr. Kelly Bricker, Executive Director of TIES and faculty member at the University of Utah.


The UCC program assists individual universities in the provision of a concentration of study in ecotourism. These disciplines may include, but are not limited to: recreation, parks, and tourism; hospitality management; geography; business; natural resource management; public administration; and landscape architecture.


"We believe TIES and [the UCC] offer our students a unique advantage in positioning themselves for careers in the field, and we as a program hope to further contribute to the relationships among universities, communities, and tourism that TIES is working to create, maintain, and improve," says Dr. Jerusha Greenwood, of California Polytechnic State University, the UCC’s newest member. The comprehensive study plan of the UCC curriculum, which incorporates on-campus and online course work and internship, provides a creative alternative course of study.


For more information about the program, and to download the UCC brochures, please the UCC page


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