Tribewanted’s Second Eco-Village Project in Sierra Leone Aims to Support Sustainable Community Development

Tribewanted’s Second Eco-Village Project in Sierra Leone Aims to Support Sustainable Community Development

Tribewanted Sierra Leone

Tribewanted Sierra Leone

"Tribewanted Sierra Leone is your chance to play a part in kick-starting the right kind of tourism in a country that needs it. It will be an amazing adventure, so don’t miss this opportunity to be one of the pioneering visitors." – Ben Keene, Founder, Tribewanted


In October 2010, a new group of visitors will arrive on Sierra Leone’s John Obey Beach, 20 miles south of the capital, Freetown, and begin to build a new life alongside the local fishing community. The initiative is led by Tribewanted, a social enterprise whose groundbreaking social experiment on the Fijian island of Vorovoro has injected since 2006 more than US$ 1 million into the local economy by setting up an online tribal community of more than 10,000 people.


Tribewanted Sierra Leone has formed a partnership with the government, landowners and the local John Obey community to create an eco-village community over the coming years to support sustainable development in the area. A maximum of 30 tribe members will spend a minimum of 1 week at a time – living alongside a local team and the community immersed in the day-to-day running and development of the village. The project will run from October to June annually, closing for the rain season.


Tribewanted Sierra Leone has also partnered with the local non-profit organization, Shine On Sierra Leone, which works in the areas of education, public helth and sustainable community development, sponsoring six schools and computer centers around the country as well as providing micro-finance opportunities to over 5,700 women, and is about to build a birthing center with the support of the first lady of Sierra Leone. All profits generated from Tribewanted Sierra Leone will be reinvested in the local John Obey community, in education and in microfinance through Shine On Sierra Leone.


Tribewanted Sierra Leone tribe members will have the opportunity to join in with the development of the new village alongside the local team and community members. The project will be implementing a new and pioneering building technique called "SuperAdobe" developed by Cal Earth, a technique that uses only local earth and material. For the visiting tribe members, it will also be a unique opportunity to experience a peaceful, beautiful and vibrant country seeking a new beginning a decade after being ravaged by civil war.



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