Traveling with Climate in Mind – Business as usual or staying at home?

Traveling with Climate in Mind – Business as usual or staying at home?

TIES Partners with ITB-Berlin to Host Special Workshop on Traveling with Climate in Mind


Climate Change and TourismWASHINGTON, DC, February 27, 2008—The International Ecotourism Society (TIES), as part of its ongoing advocacy campaign "Traveling with Climate in Mind," proudly supports the upcoming workshop on tourism and climate change, to be held at the International Tourism Exchange (ITB) in Berlin, Germany, on Friday, March 7 from 10am-1pm.


There is now broad consensus that tourism is both affected by, and contributing to global warming. However, there is considerable debate as to what exactly and how much needs to be done about it. The ITB workshop "Traveling with the Climate in Mind" will demonstrate ways to minimize the ecological footprint of traveling—and still have great travel experiences.


A number of experts from leading companies and organizations representing various sustainable tourism stakeholders will address strategies such as implementing climate-friendly management systems and utilizing public transportation, and discuss issues such as the compensation of greenhouse gases in long-haul tourism destinations, and the necessary adaptation to the impacts of climate change in developing countries.


The workshop recognizes that in view of ongoing growth of the tourism industry, the "business as usual" scenario—if the world continued traveling the way it is now—may have devastating effects on the well-being of host destinations and the future of tourism itself. On the other hand, there are radical demands from certain sectors to reduce traveling substantially in order to curb negative impacts of tourism.


The latter "stay at home" scenario is largely viewed as unrealistic, as well as unattractive. In spite of their generally high awareness of the dangers of global warming, many consumers are uncertain as to how to alter their travel behaviors, and most tend not to make any change because they are unwilling to forgo their well deserved holidays and unable to find any practicable climate-friendly alternatives.


The ITB workshop "Traveling with the Climate in Mind" will tackle this perceived dilemma, showing that there are practical ways to address tourism’s impacts on the world's climate, while still enjoying traveling and allowing tourism entrepreneurs to stay in business.

For further information, please contact:

  • University of Eberswalde, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Strasdas, wstrasdas[at], Ph. +49 (3334) 657-304
  • forum anders reisen, Rolf Pfeifer, rolf.pfeifer[at], Ph. +49 (761) 1377-6888
  • EED - Tourism Watch, Heinz Fuchs, tourism-watch[at], Ph. +49 (228) 8101-2304


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