Travel Ambassador Program 2012: TIES Welcomes New Travel Ambassadors

Travel Ambassador Program 2012: TIES Welcomes New Travel Ambassadors

Meet TIES Travel Ambassadors 2012

We're pleased to welcome the following new members to the TIES Travel Ambassador Program.


Gerardo Carmona

Gerardo Carmona (@GCARMONAR)

My Travel Style: I don't travel with many things, a pair of shoes, shorts, shirt and some of water, but never forget in my backpack a gadget with GPS and a camera. What I look for in a trip is fun and learning. I like to know the most tourist destination, but I like even more to live, eat, sleep and smile like an inhabitant of the place.


The Best Part of Ecotourism Is: Fun and learning. Nothing gives me more pleasure than to explain to others what we can see, smell, touch and hear, and that it is our responsibility to leave no trace.



Laura Marcove

Laura Marcove (LinkedIn)

My Travel Style: On my own, I have surfed throughout Costa Rica and snorkeled around the Galapagos. With friends, I have gone buffalo trekking in Kenya. And every year with my mom I test the limits of mother-daughter bonding time in such locales as Japan, South Africa and Sri Lanka. I have learned that education comes in all forms: whether it's getting stuck in a bus terminal at 3 o’clock in the morning, or getting a last minute invitation to a homecooked meal, there are some experiences that will never be replicated in a guide book.


My Dream Destination: To go to Bhutan, and to somehow meet Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuck and his lovely wife, Jetsun Pema!


Lindsay Milich

Lindsay Milich (LinkedIn)

My Travel Style: I like to blend in when I travel and try to see a place through the eyes of the people who live there, preferring to come upon adventures by asking around or simply wandering into them. Most of all I like to explore a place through the food. Real, authentic dishes, culinary traditions and lessons from the kitchen – where the best stories are told and lasting impressions can be shared regardless of language barriers.


My Favorite Travel Companion: Journal, a pen, a few words and phrases in the local language and an open mind. Usually the less I am carrying the more I enjoy the trip.


Linda Schonknecht

Linda Schonknecht (@moving_sushi)

My Travel Style: is loose and fluid. I often find the most amazing moments are the unplanned ones so I like to make lots of space for those to happen. I love getting down and dirty and outdoors, the more remote the better.


Best Part of Ecotourism Is: There are so many resources you can draw from. Today, you can be in the middle of a tropical jungle and still have access to information. And this information does not have to come from the internet. Taking the time to talk to the local people is so incredibly important, and it's amazing what you can really learn once you get to know the people and the places you are visiting.


Michael Soncina

Michael Soncina (@sonchy)

My Travel Style: I am a solo adventure traveler who prefers to balance my time in rural and urban settings. Part of why I travel is to get to know myself.


My Favorite Travel Companion: My favorite travel companion is a Japanese Omamori or protective medallion that was given to me by my host family in Japan. I never leave for an adventure without it tied in my backpack.


Best Part of Ecotourism Is: Knowing that I’m supporting initiatives that benefit local communities, and supporting the local economy while allowing cultures and people to evolve in a way that maintains their identity.




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