TIES Welcomes New Advisory Board Members, Judy Kepher Gona and Chris Chesak

TIES Welcomes New Advisory Board Members, Judy Kepher Gona and Chris Chesak

TIES Advisory Board

The International Ecotourism Society (TIES) Advisory Board comprises of ecotourism experts and industry leaders. Representing diverse groups of ecotourism and sustainable tourism stakeholders, the Advisory Board serves as an effective venue to support TIES mission. TIES aims to collaborate with Advisory Board members to help increase the organization’s potentials through new projects and outreach initiatives.


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Judy Kepher-Gona, CEO, Basecamp Foundation

Judy Kepher-Gona is Chief Executive Officer of the Basecamp Foundation in Kenya, and a former Executive Officer of TIES Association Member Ecotourism Kenya. The Basecamp Foundation is a not for profit organisation whose vision is to provide tourism based solutions for conservation and sustainable development in tourism destinations. Born out of Basecamp Explorers’ practical experience in championing a sustainable tourism concept that acknowledges the significance of local people and conservation in destination development, the foundation provides a link between the non-economic and economic activities in tourism destinations.


Judy Kepher-Gona
"I strongly believe a large portion of TIES’ opportunities in achieving
its objectives lie in Africa." – Judy Kepher-Gona

Chris Chesak, Vice President of Business Development, Adventure Travel Trade Association

Chris Chesak has nearly 20 years experience forging corporate partnerships and in organizational development. Chris is an avid climber, skier, backpacker, and writer, having published fictional works in several literary quarterlies and non-fiction in national publications.


"I have always felt that tourism is a gateway to understanding – understanding cultures, peoples, and local and regional environments. With tourism being such a massive world-wide industry, touching so many people’s lives, it is an outstanding opportunity to educate people around the world about some of the many environmental challenges that we all face." – Chris Chesak


Chris Chesak
"Adventure, naturally, involves some risk. Risk is, inherently, a challenge. And
challenge, ultimately, creates exhilaration." – Chris Chesak




About TIES

As the world's oldest and largest international ecotourism association, TIES seeks to be the global source of knowledge and advocacy uniting communities, conservation, sustainable travel..




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The Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism Conference will highlight global challenges and local opportunities, supporting sustainable development of tourism and promoting solutions that balance conservation, communities and sustainable travel.

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