TIES Research and Education Council Member D'Arcy Dornan to Speak at ABETA

TIES Research and Education Council Member D'Arcy Dornan to Speak at ABETA

D'Arcy Dornan, TIEs Research and Education CouncilTIES Research and Education Council Member D'Arcy Dornan to Speak at ABETA

Since 2004, Brazilian Association of Ecotourism and Adventure Tourism (ABETA) has promoted the annual Technical Congress of Ecotourism and Adventure Tourism. This year's event will take place in Brotas, São Paulo from 27 to 30 September. Over a period of four days, professionals will come together to discuss the challenges of the sector, showcases of success and innovation, and introduce new management tools to improve the capacity of small businesses.


"It is the great moment of nature tourism in Brazil, when the entire segment meets to exchange ideas and experiences with colleagues from around the country. It is time to expand the network of relationships, knowledge of tourism news, find buyers and get new business " said Evandro Schütz, President of ABETA.


TIES Research and Education Council member, Dr. D'Arcy Dornan will be speaking on "Future Tends in Tourism" at the congress. Dornan is a Professor of Tourism and Hospitality with educational experiences in Canada, the US, and France.  He is also the Founder and Director of the Tourism, Hospitality & Education Solutions and Co-Founder of Sustainable Tourism Americas Network (STAN).  He is currently a visiting researcher at the National Scientific and Technological Development of the University of São Paulo and a representative of the Global Sustainable Tourism Counsil (GSTC). In addition, he participates in the development of a new sustainable tourism program at Senac São Paulo and is very happy to participate in the Congress of Technical Ecotourism and Adventure Tourism.




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