Sustainable Tourism Foundation Pakistan: Ecotourism Guide Training in Nathiagali

Sustainable Tourism Foundation Pakistan: Ecotourism Guide Training in Nathiagali

Sustainable Tourism Foundation Pakistan

Ecotourism guide training, Nathiagali, Pakistan (Photo: Sustainable Tourism Foundation Pakistan)


Sustainable Tourism Foundation Pakistan (STFP) and WWF Pakistan are jointly working for the promotion of community based ecotourism in Ayubia National Park (ANP) near Nathiagali, Pakistan. Ayubia National Park boasts 757 species of plants - including Blue Pine dominates, Fir, Spruce, Deodar, Himalayan Poplar, Elm, Walnut, Maple and Oak trees - and many of them are known for their medicinal properties. The park is home to up to 203 species of birds and 31 species of mammals. Animals such as the common Leopard, Asiatic Black Bear, Hill Fox and Flying Squirrel can be found here. The park also supports 6,590 species of insects including 23 species of beautiful butterflies.


In order to promote community based ecotourism in the area of Ayubia National Park and provide job opportunities to unemployed local young people, STFP and WWF Pakistan organized a seven-day ecotourism guide training workshop at Nathiagali (May 18-24 2012). Local ecotourism guides from Galliat area attended this training workshop in tour guiding skills. This training program was divided into two parts comprising on procedural knowledge and technical skills which are essential for an ecotourism guide to conduct group tours in a professional manner.


Mr. Arif Tufail and Mr. Khalil Shah, who are master trainers of STFP's Mobile Ecotourism Education Team (MEET), conducted the technical sessions of this training workshop while Mr. Muhammad Wasim, Mr. Shabana Haider and Ms. Sabiha from WWF Pakistan conducted sessions on flora and fauna of Ayubia National Park and shared very valuable information on the biodiversity of the Galliat area.


The certificate distribution ceremony was held at the Nathiagali on 24th May. All newly trained guides were issued logbooks and tourist guide kits on this occasion. Aftab Rana, President of STFP was chief guest on this occasion. In his address he congratulated the participants on successfully completing the training of ecotourism guiding and also announced that STFP will help these guides to establish an ANP Ecotourism Guides Enterprise. He said that Ayubia National Park is very rich in biological diversity and there is lot of potential for the promotion of ecotourism and adventure tourism in the region. He hoped that this newly established ecotourism guide’s enterprise will play a key role in the promotion of ecotourism in Galliat area.




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