Socially Responsible Trekking: Himalayan Smile Treks and Adventures' Community Initiatives

Socially Responsible Trekking: Himalayan Smile Treks and Adventures' Community Initiatives

Himalayan Smile

Himalayan Smile Treks and Adventure, a locally owned and managed trekking company, offers trekking tours, vehicle hiring, flight and hotel booking services, special interest tours and volunteer travel programs.


Each year, 10% of the profits that the company generates goes to social and environmental activities such as reforestation efforts, educational programs and projects that help empower local people. The following are some examples of the community initiatives that Himalayan Smile Treks and Adventures supports:


Environmental Education through Volunteer Programs

Himalayan Smile Treks and Adventures works with the local NGO Himalayan Environmental and Cultural Awareness Centre (HECAC) - which works to help marginalized populations living in remote areas of the Himalayas and supports ecological management and environmental protection - by facilitating volunteer opportunities to contribute to HECAC’s projects such as environmental education, waste management, building and construction, grassroots health education, and women’s entrepreneurial skills development.


Providing Opportunities for Children

Himalayan Smile Treks and Adventures supports Charity Nepal School, which is a non-profit organization established in 1998 by Renuka Dhouju Shrestha that offers school education to local students for free.


Supporting and Empowering Porters

Himalayan Smile Treks and Adventures is committed to ensuring porters' welfare; it provides standard remuneration to all porters and allocates a certain percentage of profit from every trip to trekking equipment for porters. The company has also launched clothing collection campaigns from tourists where trekkers, after their treks, can give their trekking clothes as well as equipment to the porters. Himalayan Smile Treks and Adventures also works with Porter’s Progress Nepal, a non-profit organization protecting the interests and livelihoods of porters and assisting porters who come from poor families.


Photo by Himalayan Smile Trekking and Adventures




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