Simon Mtuy of Summit Expeditions and Nomadic Experience to Be Featured on the National Geographic Channel

Simon Mtuy of Summit Expeditions and Nomadic Experience to Be Featured on the National Geographic Channel

Simon Mtuy


Simon Mtuy, Founder and CEO of Summit Expeditions and Nomadic Experience (SENE), will be featured in two television shows on the National Geographic channel this Friday, January 18 from 6-7 pm US Eastern Time, as part of the Access 360 Degrees World Heritage series. The first show will feature Simon's sustainable method of bee keeping and honey harvesting with his community development NGO Hope Through Opportunity Tanzania. The second show will feature the 2012 Kilimanjaro Stage Run and Simon's reforestation efforts.


You can see teasers of these television special here:

  • An Extreme Athlete: An extreme athlete is on a mission. He's literally on the run to save his homeland.
  • The Honey Bee: Simon teaches the locals the importance of preserving the environment.


About Simon Mtuy

Simon MtuySimon Mtuy, founder and director of Summit Expeditions & Nomadic Experience, is a born leader. He is a leader within his community, an outspoken advocate of sustainable living and conservation, and sought after for his help and advice. Simon's initial efforts as director of SENE were to attend to the immediate and basic needs of his villagers through an infusion of clothing, medical supplies and school materials. He is dedicated to education and sustainability; he is building alliances with other non-profit organizations whose goal is teaching locals the value of an intact ecosystem, education, and positive life choices. Dedicated to break the silence of HIV/AIDS in his community, Simon set the world record for the fastest ascent and descent of Kilimanjaro (19,340 feet) in 6 hours up and 2 hours, 27 minutes down. His tireless dedication and creative approach to problem solving has already begun to transform his village and inspire hope. Simon's world record initiated the construction of a community center in his village and production of a documentary to educate the people of his country.



About Summit Expeditions and Nomadic Experience (SENE)


SENE is a Tanzania-based company, owned and operated by Tanzanians, with all profits staying in the country. The company utilizes the skills and expertise of East Africans to support and develop the local economy. SENE offers high quality Kilimanjaro trekking and Tanzania wildlife safari experiences, cycling trips, running camps, and Zanzibar holidays. Guests also enjoy the unique cultural experience staying at owner Simon Mtuy's coffee farm cottages in the Kilimanjaro foothills. SENE knows that economic opportunity locally in businesses that rely on the beauty and biodiversity of the land is the best way to protect the land for future generations. SENE is a model in the local community of a successful local business bringing valued prestige and income into the community.


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