SEEtheWILD Launches New E-Magazine for Travelers Seeking Wildlife Adventures and Conservation Projects

SEEtheWILD Launches New E-Magazine for Travelers Seeking Wildlife Adventures and Conservation Projects

WildHope eMagazine

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WildHope Magazine: Wildlife, Travel, and Activism

SEEtheWILD has launched WildHope, a free new quarterly digital magazine focusing on inspiring stories of wildlife conservation and opportunities for travelers to participate. The inaugural issue has stories from award-winning writers, incredible images, travel tips, and more:

  • Net Worth: Baja Sea Turtle Conservation Travel – Outside Magazine correspondent Kate Siber works with local sea turtle researchers in Magdalena Bay, Mexico
  • Return of the Black Turtle: A Conservation Photo Essay – Photographer Neil Osborne documents an emerging wildlife success story along Mexico’s Pacific coast
  • 5 Wildlife Conservation Travel Tips: Use these simple strategies for planning a great vacation that helps endangered species
  • Blue Mind: Saving Baby Turtles Can Be Good For Your Brain – An essay by Dr. Wallace J. Nichols on how neuroscience is proving the importance of spending time at the ocean

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SEEtheWILDSEEtheWILD offers travelers the opportunity to protect wildlife through conservation travel. SEEtheWILD trips provide unique experiences while generating income for local conservation and offering valuable volunteer and learning opportunities for travelers. To ensure that partner sites provide conservation impact for endangered wildlife, SEEtheWILD empolys comprehensive criteria for tour operator partners, including: 1. Direct benefits to endangered species conservation; 2. Minimizing impacts on wildlife; 3. Benefits to local communities; and 4. An emphasis on traveler education.




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