Going Wilder: Conservation Travel Innovator SEEtheWILD Adds New Species, Partners, & Destinations

Going Wilder: Conservation Travel Innovator SEEtheWILD Adds New Species, Partners, & Destinations

SEEtheWILD.org, the world's first non-profit wildlife conservation travel organization, is expanding. The unique travel website now includes new dolphin and primate trips that benefit local wildlife organizations, six new tour operator partners, 15 new wildlife tours, and 10 new destinations.



SEEtheWILD.org now has nearly 50 wildlife tours to 25 destinations around the world that help to protect more than 25 endangered species. "With new species, partners, and destinations, SEEtheWILD will help support more local organizations and endangered species through conservation travel," says Brad Nahill, director and co-founder. This expansion is possible due to the generous support of Endangered Species Chocolate, who donates 10% of profits to wildlife conservation organizations like SEEtheWILD.

  • New Species: Two new groups of animals are added to the current six, primates and dolphins. New trips include dolphin volunteer vacations in Kenya, the Bahamas, and Belize as well as a gorilla trip to Uganda and orangutans in Borneo;
  • New Partners: SEEtheWILD announces new partnerships with Natural Habitat Adventures and Global Vision International, two award-winning ecotourism operators, and is also now working with four other community-based and non-profit wildlife tour operators. These partners are leaders in conservation travel and meet SEEtheWILD's criteria for wildlife protection, community support, education, and eco-friendliness;
  • New Destinations & Trips: Fifteen new trips to 10 new destinations are added to the website, which now promotes nearly 50 wildlife conservation tours to 25 countries around the world, all of which give at least 5% of the trip cost to wildlife conservation.


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Media Contact:

Brad Nahill, Director, SEEtheWILD
Email: brad[at]seeturtles.org
Phone: +1 503-608-9679


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