Savannah Guides: Protectors and Interpreters of the Outback

Savannah Guides: Protectors and Interpreters of the Outback

Savannah Guides

Savannah Professional Nature Guides

Savannah Guides is a network of professional tour guides with a collective in-depth knowledge of the natural and cultural assets of the tropical savannahs of northern Australia. The original purpose of the organization was to provide access for tourists to unique natural features on private, leased or public property and in a manner which protected the region's assets. Members are drawn from local communities within the tropical savannahs of northern Australia.


Savannah Guides to contribute to the development of regional tourism, generating employment opportunities whilst conserving our natural and cultural heritage. Savannah Guides Sites and Stations have been developed by privately and publicly owned enterprises and feature nature and/or culture based interpretive activities, while mobile Savannah Guides Operators and Master Operators conduct roving tours within and through the region. All Savannah Guides enterprises must incorporate natural or cultural interpretive activities as a prominent part of their business and demonstrate a commitment to conservation values.


Savannah Guides are certified through rigorous peer-based assessment and on-going demands for professional development through attending at least one training school (akin to workshop meetings) each year, in related fields including ecology, land management and tourism. Training is an extremely important function of Savannah Guides.


The core principle of training is for members to achieve and maintain a high level of competence in knowledge and interpretation that is generally consistent throughout the network. Individuals entering the Savannah Guide network have to demonstrate essential communication skills, a reasonable knowledge of technical matters and a strong commitment to Savannah Guides philosophy.


The natural ability of individual guides is fostered with much of training involving experienced guides acting as mentors and instilling an ethos of self-learning, self-improvement and a strong desire to elevate the profession of guides. Peer support, assessment and mentoring are important features in the internal training culture of Savannah Guides.


Both Enterprise and individual members must meet strict standards of operation and abide by a professional Codes of Conduct. The high quality tourism product that results in then cooperatively marketed using the Savannah Guides network of financial and human resources.


Savannah Guides work with many of Australia's leading tourism, environmental and community organizations to pursue its mission of being an economically sound, community based, professional body.



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