Rios Tropicales Welcomes ICANN 43 Delegates on an Inspiring Rainforest Adventure

Rios Tropicales Welcomes ICANN 43 Delegates on an Inspiring Rainforest Adventure

Rios Tropicales


By Annalisa Roger


As ICANN 43 begins, a world of excitement awaits. Traveling from around the globe, 1700 people are uniting to collaborate and discuss the future of the Internet in San Jose.


Before the ICANN conference began, fifty delegates jumped on a bus and headed East for the opportunity to connect on a personal level to the stunning rainforest which is vital to our world's ecosystem. Along the journey, we learned about Costa Rica and its beautiful people, ecosystem, democratic government and environmental goal of becoming carbon neutral. A tractor ride and steep hike led us deep into the rainforest to an abandoned pasture.


Together, we participated in the reforestation project, planting more than 100 trees with Rios Tropicales, a environmentally responsible outfitter which also leads various local environmental efforts. When we reached the bottom of the canyon, we met the Pacuare River. Divided into teams of four to six per boat, each with an expert guide, we rafted and paddled through exciting class 2, 3, and 4 whitewater rapids. Twenty miles of unspoiled rainforest unveiled remarkable butterflies of all colors, egrets, kingfishers, orioles, iguanas, frogs and more.


Back at the Ramada Plaza Herradura Conference Center in San Jose, ICANN meetings are well underway. Yet during coffee breaks and in the halls, many continue to relive their rainforest adventure and environmental compassion through the sharing of their personal tales with the ICANN community.

About Rios Tropicales

Rios Tropicales began purchasing land and restoring forest alongside the Pacuare River in 1989. Today, Rios Tropicales has acquired nearly 2,000 acres of land, and the organization has planted and maintain ed more than 50,000 trees, reviving the native forest that was once stripped for pasture land and agriculture. Rios Tropicales employs the local residents who have given up farming for training and employment in the eco-tourism business. At the core of its mission is a commitment to collaborate with the surrounding community to further environmental protection and reforestation knowledge in local residents and visitors alike. For this reason, Rios not only protects local forests and animal populations, but actively works to spread knowledge through its operations. Dedicated educational programs ensure that the mission reaches leaders of tomorrow and builds a generation of environmentally conscious individuals. For more information, contact Fernando Esquivel at: fernando[at] or +506 2233-6455.



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