A Responsible Tourism HopTour of West Africa

A Responsible Tourism HopTour of West Africa

A Responsible Tourism HopTour of West Africa

Justine and Mahery, the founders of Hopineo, are leaving France for a 5 months HopTour in West Africa. Their goal is to meet around 20 responsible tourism facilities to swap their competencies in exchange for room and food, collect as many responsible tourism good practices as possible, and develop the Hopineo network.


HopTour France with Justin and MaheryAt first, the two founders went on a 4 month Tour of France in 2014 to start the project, feeling they should get to know the responsible tourism sector in their own country before developing the network worldwide.


Since then, the project grew and matured thanks to the participation of several ambassadors and many contributors. Florie was the first to join, with her amazing HopTour of Latin America, which started in July 2014 and is still going on. 


Hopineo is now a community of 200 travelers and professionals building a better world, thanks to responsible tourism.

Justine and Mahery, along with the growing team, spent the past 18 months structuring the participative organization and developing the new website. This was a strategic step:



Now that it’s done, they are ready to make their bag packs again and are prepared to head towards West Africa, where they plan to visit Senegal, Ivory Coast and Ghana for at least 5 months.


HopTour West Africa with Justine and Mahery


This new HopTour should allow the network to grow in this particular area of the world, where tourism is an opportunity for development, as well as a threat for local social and environmental balances. 


Meanwhile, Capucine and Antoine, who recently joined the team, are working along with Uman IT (web development agency which developed the last website) on the next strategic evolutions of the website. These evolutions will allow Hopineo community to implement a fair and innovative business model while targeting the financial sustainability of the organization. 


In order to achieve these developments as well as the HopTour of West Africa, a crowdfunding campaign was launched last week on Ulule.com. Please take a look at it, as there are several amazing counterparts offered allowing contributors to support the project while traveling along with the ambassadors. 

And the more Hopineo develops itself, the more amazing responsible tourism experiences are available to travelers on the web platform. 


>> Learn more about Hopineo here.
>> To follow Justine and Mahery adventures in West Africa, check their HopBlog.
>> Click here to support the project. 



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