Ramaroshan: the best class room ever!

Ramaroshan: the best class room ever!




In May, a tour operator training was conducted in the Ramaroshan Area of Far West Nepal. The training was organized by Tourism Development Society (TDS) and supported by the Inclusive Development of the Economy Programme (INCLUDE), which is a joint Nepali-German initiative under the guidance of the Ministry of Industry (MoI) and with technical assistance of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), as well as GmbH acting on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). The six-day training combined both an important theoretical basis and an adventurous exploration of a new route in the Ramaroshan Area.


It started in Dhangadhi with basics on tour package development – how to create a tour package keeping in mind three essentials: supporting the local economy, preserving local culture and not bringing harm to nature. By the evening of the first day, participants had designed the first tour package:  “Dhangadhi by cycle”! Next morning the whole team was equipped with bicycles and had a chance to try the tour package. Deepak Bom, a training participant who has recently registered his travel agency, said: “It was the first time I went cycling for amusement and it was really great fun. I liked the combination of cycling to the Mohana River in the morning through Tharu villages and the lunch in one of the Tharu houses. I am very proud that we have such beautiful places in Dhangadhi to show to our visitors!”


The third day the team moved north. Every participant had heard about Ramaroshan Area, but nobody had been to the area. Because it was a totally unknown destination for both the travelers and the tour organizers themselves, the T.D.S. team has chosen Ramaroshan.


The organizers were worried how challenging the journey they planned would be for training participants and the trainer.  In terms of distances to be travelled, sometimes there was not any information at all about the duration of the hikes. Exploration is exploration! Four days were spent on an assessment of the facilities available, establishing contact with local service providers, and, of course, discovering the beautiful area of Ramaroshan.


A training participant, Padam Singh, who manages the company “PS Tours and Travel” in Dhangadhi, said this about what he learned: “there it is important to have enough water on the route, and for sure provide the trekkers with the accurate information!” A manager of T.D.S., Deepak Adhikari, said, “I still remember the working title of the trip: ‘Dui Ghanta Trip’ which means ‘Two hour Trip’ – it came from one of participants on the last day of our trek.  Whenever we asked villagers on the route:  ‘how long will it take to the village called Muja Bagar?’ the answer was ‘two hours’! That trekking day took us 6 hours. It started in the middle-hills from an altitude of about 2500m and descended  to Muja Bagar located approximately 700m lower. The hike led through the river beds and a hilly forest impregnated with mint and lemongrass aromas, with beautiful birds chirping, and gentle rustling of the trees.”


Ramaroshan Area is located in Achham District of the Far Western Region. The area of Ramaroshan is known for 12 lakes and 18 breathtakingly lustrous green pastures, locally known as Patans. To the north there is an unbroken series of sedimentary rock faces where the local people harvest honey from sheer 100m high cliffs. According to one of the legends, the name Ramaroshan derives from the names of two beautiful plateaus, ‘Rama’ and ‘Roshan’. Two neighboring wetlands, Rama and Roshan, are located at an altitude of 2500m and a distance of half an hour by foot from each other. Another story tells us about the god Rama who used to come to the peaceful place called Roshan.


The tour description as well as a day by day itinerary can be downloaded  HERE  You are also invited to visit the page to find more information about Ramaroshan Area HERE

Tourism Development Society (TDS) -Dhangadhi 5 Kailali – Phone No. +977-091-521900 -tdsnepal@gmail.com

To see the details of 22 km ride in Dhangadhi visit: “TALES FROM A FOREST”


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