Mai Chau is a mountainous region located in Hoa Binh Province, approximately 135 km from Hanoi (3.5 hour drive)and 65 km from Hòa Bình town. This idyllic valley is embraced by emerald mountains and clouds, making it an retreat centre in North Vietnam.

1. Natural conditions in Mai Chau

Mai Chau is a mountainous district, located in the northwest of Hoa Binh Province, Vietnam. Its climate is influenced significantly by the northwestern monsoon regime, with distinct aspects of the tropical climate of high mountains. The radiation in the region is very low, the hot hours of the day in summer is 5-6 hours, in winter is 3-4 hours. Mai Chau’s land consists mostly of red soil and humus. They account for a natural area of 92.02%. Good soil texture, natural fertility is relatively high. However, due to high slopes and distributed dissected topography, soil with light composition can easily be eroded.


Mai Chau Ecolodge


2. The process of land reclamation in Mai Chau Ecolodge

Mai Chau Ecolodge is situated on Poom Pu hill that was formerly filled with eucalyptus and has a virtually little agricultural value due to the soil erosion. The remains are rock layers.

Within nearly 7 months of building and operating, we have renovated and added an amount of necessary slob to cater for planting trees throughout the property.

A huge impact from the hot dry weather, low rainfall, soil quality has diminished fertility over time and has had impacted significantly on the quality of plants at the site of the Ecolodge.


Mai Chau Ecolodge


To regenerate the soil, our staff had to use our many different measures such as usage of three color fertilizers, bio-organic fertilizer (stalks leaves, bagasse ...) and installation of sprinkler systems in all lodge’s campus. The system is water 2 times a day, in the morning and in the afternoon, to make sure that the soil has enough moisture. Adding loam to the existing soil is also a way to hopefully generate more soil fertility.

3. Use appropriate plants

With rocky and less fertility, the soil of Mai Chau Ecolodge suits only plants that exist in low rainfall and less water usage.

   Mai Chau Ecolodge   


Bauhinia variegate


native flowers vietnam


Bauhinia variegate is a species of flowering plants in the pea family. Appropriate climate for it is tropical or subtropical monsoon. Trees are more likely to live in hot, dry and less water condition.

Banana’s flower


vegetable orchard mai chau ecolodge


You'll see a lot of banana tree on the campus of Mai Chau Ecolodge. With the ability to live well in tropical condition, with little rainfall, low humidity. Banana plants are easy to exist and bring high productivity.

In addition to this, banana tree also provides more nutritious food source used in the food menu of Mai Chau Ecolodge.


Hibiscus rosa-sinensis

Hibiscus is a tropical shrub that is valued for its spectacular flowers and grow in popularity in Vietnam, especially in the countryside. They come in white, pink, red, orange, apricot and yellow - including some with two colors and used for fencing, drought-tolerant.

At Ecolodge, hibiscus are planted around the campus, the garden fence and to keep soil and minimize storm water runoff and to build a green campus.

native plants mai chau ecolodge



Easy to plant by rhizomes segments, grow healthy, tolerant of dry.

Canna is less affected by disease and pets. Its root contains nutritious flour, use for food and brings economic value.


orchard ecolodge


Other shrubs:

Water coconut flower, tigon flower...


  ecolodge construction


  Medical plants


Specialists of Spa center try to find out indigenous medicinal plants suitable for hot and dry weather such as: lemon grass, basil, herbal tree to make ingredient for the center.

mai chau ecolodge


Vegetable garden


mai chai ecolodge



We have created a small vegetable garden to serve local kitchen firstly, and in the future the garden will be expanded the campus throughout Ecolodge.

4. A green space in the future

After nearly one year of operation, we have tried our best to create a green campus with many useful plants:

- Banana tree:
+ Banana’s flower is used in the salad
+ Bananas is used as a fresh fruit for dessert

- Canna:

Canna is one agricultural plant. Its root has flour and nutrition, can be used in daily food or in raising animal.
Canna in harvest season is sold for locals and all benefits from this purchase will be donated for Asiatica Foundation in which we are official member. With the land reclamation efforts, we hope to create a green space around Ecolodge within 2-3 years of operation.

sustainable tourism vietnam


sustainable tourism


My dear guests!

At Mai Chau, there is no better way to protect the environment than to be a part our small action. And in tourism field, you should use of the eco- friendly vehicles, respect the environment and the places where you visit. If possible, please join us in progressive action for a green space in Mai Chau.

sustainable tourism vietnam



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