Travel with an Open Mind

Travel with an Open Mind

Travel with an Open Mind

Travel with an Open Mind

Mark Twain famously described travel as "fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness" (The Innocents Abroad).


If you've experienced and appreciated the power of travel to open your eyes to the new and unexpected, you will agree; travel can foster respect, friendship and mutual understanding, and inspire tolerance.


So, as the world celebrates International Day for Tolerance (November 16th, 2012), remind yourself to travel with an open mind. Ask yourself and your travel buddies: Are you prepared to appreciate and learn from cultures and practices that are different from your own? Do your homework and learn about the people and places you're visiting, and be sure to bring plenty of sense of humor and flexible attitudes with you, so you're prepared to accept and enjoy unexpected encounters.


#TravelChoice Stories: Celebrate Diversity

Lebanon's culinary heritage: diversity, landscapes & simple pleasures in life
Lebanon has a lot going for it: Mountains, sea, history, natural beauty, diversity, energy, culture, and a culinary heritage to be envied. The wine-growing tradition here is one of the most ancient; its origins can be traced back to the sea-faring Phoenicians.


The wealth of diversity project in Serbia's ethnic villages

The Wealth of Diversity project was launched by the Istar 21 Danube Tourism Cluster with the government of the Province of Vojvodina, to spotlight multiculturalism in the Danube region as a unified tourism product on the world market.


Volunteering abroad for women's rights
There are many opportunities to get involved with women's issues on every continent: teaching vocational skills, supporting women's shelters, and giving them access to education and health opportunities...

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