New Online Magazine for Those Who Love Florida's Cultural and Outdoor Lifestyle

New Online Magazine for Those Who Love Florida's Cultural and Outdoor Lifestyle

Hugh Taylor Birch State Park

Hugh Taylor Birch State Park, Fort Lauderdale, Florida


LAKELAND, FL, USA, October 30, 2012 – George Byfield, President of Comet Group, Inc., has announced the inauguration of "Art & Gator: (, an online publication about what makes Florida, Florida – for both residents and travelers alike. Art & Gator is an upscale lifestyle publication, geared toward those who appreciate – as per the title – our state's artistic institutions, its natural wonderlands, its conservation ethic, its unknown surprises, and the movers and shakers who are active in its economic engine and its philanthropic causes.


"Our big theme parks are great," Byfield says, "and they bring people here from all over the world. But we'd like to show discerning travelers that there's a lot more to our state, as well. And we'd like to show our residents, too... and to show them the part that interesting Floridians and people from different cultures are playing in nurturing our state's economic, social, and artistic climates."


Toward that end, Byfield has assembled a talented core of writers, photographers as well as experienced salespeople who will sell both ad space and special memberships. In addition, he's partnering with VISIT FLORIDA, the marketing arm of the Florida Division of Tourism.


"More than 65 percent of Florida's visitors participate in either culture or nature-based activities while they're in the Sunshine State," says Chris Thompson, President and CEO of Visit Florida. "This fact establishes Art & Gator as a key travel planning resource to our visitors. By raising the awareness of these vital market segments, Art & Gator and our partners will serve as a catalyst for economic growth and environmental sustainability."


Art & Gator is offering a wonderful chance for Florida's ecotourism and cultural tourism operators, with reduced budgets – to get their messages out. In fact, the publication was created partially as a vehicle by which hotels, restaurants, cultural facilities, eco-attractions, ranches, farms, distinct regions and towns, tourism agencies, and tour operators could publicize themselves to an upscale audience with discretionary income. The site will serve as an effective platform to market what they're doing. And Art & Gator has a welcome mat out to such operators and agencies, who are encouraged to contact the magazine's Sales Department to find out about their many options. (Regions and towns are encouraged to submit their calendar of annual events.)


George Byfield, who has a distinguished background in publishing and tourism, is aiming for an upscale demographic – household income over $100,000; and people who appreciate a gourmet meal (or shop); a great concert; and the varied natural wonders of our state - and the need to preserve them for future generations.


"We want to be the leading luxury outdoor online resource," Byfield says, "a genuine go-to source for Florida's authentic cultural and natural travel experiences. And we want to be that source for both residents and travelers."


The new website was developed and designed by Web Design Store.


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