A Marketing Manual for Small Responsible Tourism Companies

A Marketing Manual for Small Responsible Tourism Companies

Marketing Responsible Tourism e-book

A Marketing Manual for Small Responsible Tourism Companies

One of the major challenges for small and responsible tourism companies is to build trust and manage gaining enough visibility towards potential visitors. Florie Thielin, Latin America Ambassador of the collaborative non-profit Hopineo platform worked specially on developing a manual of marketing for them. As all tools and solutions shared on Hopineo website, this manual is in free access to all in order to help the sector of responsible tourism progress forward.



Traveling through Latin America, from Mexico to Argentina, Florie noticed three major marketing challenges for the development of responsible tourism providers:

  • Tourist Product: first of all, a need to improve the quality of services and experience offered to the traveller.
  • Destination promotion: also, a need to develop new destinations to share the offer all over the territory (and to avoid the “Machu Pichu” phenomena).
  • Digital communication: and finally, once the tourist product is ready, the ´small´ responsible tourism providers need to increase their visibility of on the internet, right next to the ´bigger´ ones, working on the destination development together. Nowadays, it’s not a secret for anyone, travelers plan and book their coming travels mainly through the web (read for example Social Media Best Practices in Travel Marketing).


Reservation Making Process

Is the tourism company just starting in the sector? Does it already have good basis? Would it like going further towards an efficient and complete marketing strategy?

This marketing manual shares a list of concrete marketing actions in order to guide tourism professionals in the development of their commercialization strategy: each one at his own pace!

The objective is to co-develop this marketing manual on a collaborative way. What is missing? How could it be improved? Feel free to contact florie@hopineo.org to share your feedback and work on the co-building of a better tourism all together!

About the author: Hopineo approach is totally free, open and independent. The organization seeks to answer to field needs, by field actors, in the goal of contributing to common good, through the prism of responsible tourism. The expertise and data collected by travelers are in free access, thus as the service of putting in relationship for the HopTrips. The operating mode is based on voluntary contribution by the key stakeholders users and beneficiaries of the organization. This contribution, necessary to the continuity of the organization, can be financial, intellectual or through communication, in order to disseminate and share information useful to the promotion and development of responsible tourism. Click here to support and /or take part to the collaborative Hopineo community.




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