Latin Trails adds Hakuna Matata Amazon lodge to its portfolio

Latin Trails adds Hakuna Matata Amazon lodge to its portfolio

Latin Trails adds HakunaMatata Amazon lodge to its portfolio

Ecuador based tour operator, to provide stability to sustainable eco friendly property in the Amazon rainforest.


Hakuna Matata Ecolodge, EcuadorFebruary 9,
(Quito, Ecuador)
–Latin Trails tour operator, which has been operating for over 20 years on the local market in Quito - Ecuador, has recently acquired a small Eco-lodge to its diverse travel property portfolio. The Hakuna Matata eco-lodge is located in the Ecuadorian Amazon, nearby the small town of Archidona, where exclusive nature lovers can fully enjoy from a "close watch" the disperse wildlife in the rainforest.


The acquisition of the eco-lodge, contributes to the awareness and importance of ecological issues worldwide, as well as the demand for outdoor activities related to the preservation of the environment. Hakuna Matata is an ideal place to perform "in-house" expeditions along its own surface, which is based on 120 acres of rainforest, ideally for curious tourists and wildlife followers who search for familiarity with some iconic creatures on the Amazon jungle.


The rustic architecture of the lodge itself, goes in harmony with the humid rainforest landscapes and wildlife characteristic of the Amazon. In the Eco-lodge, the room categories are designed for couples or families, and all of them are provided with private facilities and hammock terrace.


The social areas, which are spread out along the lodge facility, evoke a laid back and chill-out environment at all times, where guests can gather together, chat , have a few cocktails, and even get a perfect suntan at the spacious swimming pool, where its water is filled by a natural spring thermal source.



All local expeditions are guided in the nearby communities, rainforest reserves, animal rescue centers, pristine waterfalls, White water rafting and more activities related to adventure and ecotourism.



Among soft adventure activities available in the surrounding areas of the lodge, the options vary according to the guest´s needs and range between bird watching, horseback riding, kayaking, trekking, and even mountain biking.


Additionally, the eco-lodge includes within its vast territory, a small place where a few organic cocoa trees have been planted in order to show and educate international guests about the craft process of cocoa into chocolate. Literally, guests follow step by step the whole process from the bean to the bar, and they are encouraged to participate in the elaboration of cocoa and taste its final outcome, which represents the well famous and finest Ecuadorian chocolate.


Along with soft adventure activities, this unique eco-lodge also focuses on social tourism activities related with the closest towns in the region. One of them is known as Archidona , located about 20 minutes from Hakuna Matata lodge.


Recently the city hall of Archidona has proposed a leading project that will enhance the beauty of its landscapes, as well as protect the ecosystems of the rainforest surrounding this small town through the application of 3 Linear Parks.


The main objectives that are pursuing along this project focus on proper use of natural resources and human resources, ecosystems and cultural values. In addition, the linear parks will Improve existing natural landscape, with reforestation, use of water bodies and preservation of surrounding vegetation.



This project will also establish ways to improve the design and define procedures to prevent, minimize and mitigate impacts on the ecosystems. Above all the attempts of preservation, the linear parks search to empower Archidona as a national and external referent tourist destination, projecting the ecological and cultural diversity to international visitors that come to visit the Ecuadorian Amazon.



One of the indigenous communities that has a strong presence in Archidona are the legendary Kichwas, where visitors can approach to them and socialize through the diversity of services available in this particular town such as craft or local souvenirs trading.


The Kichwas are ancient inhabitants of the area of Archidona, their presence is found in the upper and middle of the province of Napo. His influence has been vital to consolidate their culture and language, despite the increased colonization from the 60s and 70s. The Kichwa culture and language have not lost strength, due to an intensive approach to bilingual education and textual preparation of their vocabulary in public schools.


Among the highlights available for tourists in Archidona, most of them are related to adventure and eco-tourism activities such as the tourist complex called the Caverns of Jumandy located about 10 minutes from the city of Archidona. During a tour of one hour inside these caverns, visitors are delighted by seeing underground streams and spectacular stalactites.


Besides these wonders, visitors can stop by the animal rescue center, where they can watch endemic species of the rainforest that have been rescued from captivity. The purpose of this center is to reintroduce some of these creatures to the rainforest, although most of them do not achieve this goal due to the physical damage experienced while in captivity. Among the animals that can be found in this rescue center, there are monkeys, caimans, spectacled bears, owls, pale throated sloth, among others.


The Eco-lodge is an important catalyst for the local economy, as well as a direct source of employment to members of the community, whom have improved their life style by engaging as naturalist guides on the region, as well as direct employees and partners of this particular eco-lodge.


HakunaMatata Amazon lodge caters exclusively to 38 guests in 18 rooms (cabins, lodge and supreme rooms), is open 365 days of the year and offers all inclusive programs for small groups and individual travelers. You can contact the lodge directly at (+593-6) 2889617,, or have it included as part of your itinerary in Ecuador planned with the travel agent or tour operator of your choice.


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awards, Latin TrailsLatin Trails is a boutique cruise and tour operator based in Ecuador and Peru, it operates the most exclusive fleet of oceangoing yachts and riverboats in the Galapagos Islands and Amazon basin. The expedition Company is also known for it’s handcrafted itineraries around Ecuador and Peru offering highly personalized trips backed up by a 24/7 “adventure concierge” service. The Company also offers family friendly exploration of the Amazon at the HakunaMatata Amazon lodge in Ecuador.



To learn more about Latin Trails, visit, or call 1-800-747-0567. Find them on Facebook at of follow on Twitter at


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