Japan Ecotourism Society (JES): Students Pledge to Learn, Get Out and Explore

Japan Ecotourism Society (JES): Students Pledge to Learn, Get Out and Explore

Japan Ecotourism Society Student Symposium

*Report by the Japan Ecotourism Society (in Japanese) follows the English text. All photos by Japan Ecotourism Society.

Japan Ecotourism Society (JES)

TIES association member Japan Ecotourism Society (JES) was founded in 1998 with the goals of promoting ecotourism, helping develop healthy communities through ecotourism and encouraging more people to become conscious eco-travelers. In addition to public forums and workshops in Tokyo and in other parts of the country, JES annually organizes its National Ecotourism Symposium for Students (全国エコツーリズム学生シンポジウム), which helps promote opportunities for students and young professionals to become actively engaged in research projects in the fields of conservation and community-based tourism, as well as to gain valuable networking experiences.

The 2011 National Ecotourism Symposium for Students

The Symposium, held this year in January at the University of Tokyo, featured student poster presentations, panel discussions led by students, and expert evaluation and feedback on student research presentations. The event was planned and managed by an organizing committee made up of sixteen students from the Tokyo Institute of Technology and other universities. This year's Symposium was attended by a total of 278 participants, including those who joined the evening networking gathering.


Student presenters shared their research around the themes "The Environment", "Communities" and "Tourism", and discussed, together with other participating students, key issues related to ecotourism, conservation and community development. The session on "Utilizing Natural Resources for Tourism; Positive and Negative Impacts and Strategic Responses", for example, participants' actual experiences with rural and community tours, and opportunities for improving those tours were discussed. To conclude the Symposium, the organizing committee presented the following three points as "Recommendations from Students":

  1. To Connect with Each Other
  2. To Continue Engaging in Ecotourism
  3. To "Grab Your Books and Go Explore the World"

*The third point takes inspiration from a quote by the Japanese poet and artist Shuji Terayama "Throw Away Your Books! Let's Go into the Streets" (書を持って 旅に出よう) which was a popular slogan in the 1970's, encouraging young people to proactively learn from real life experiences. In this context, for today's youth exploring the field of ecotourism, the students participating in the Symposium encourage others to proactively learn from their studies, and to learn from hands-on ecotourism experiences.


In Japan, ecotourism as a research field is still a relatively young industry, and therefore, there aren't many platforms for students to present their ecotourism-related research. JES seeks to continue engaging students, through the annual symposium and other opportunities, to encourage more youth participation in the development of ecotourism in Japan.





『第2回 全国エコツーリズム学生シンポジウム』開催



学生の発表は「環境」「地域」「観光」の3テーマにわかれ、各テーマ3団体・計9団体が、エコツーリズムをキーワードにした研究発表を行ない、それぞれのテーマでは、発表について参加者が討論をするワークショップの時間も設けられました。 「地域資源の観光利用における良い点、悪い点とその対応策とは」という「地域」テーマのワークショップテーマでは、聴講者のツアー体験なども交え、既存のツアーの改善策案などが提示されました。




提言1. つながること

提言2. 継続すること

提言3. 書を持って旅に出よう! 「書を持って 旅に出よう」


座学で学んだことを踏まえて旅(エコツアー)にでかけよう、そしてそこで見たこと聞いたこと、体験したことを、またこの場(学生シンポジウム)に集まって議論しよう。 背景には、詩人・寺山修司の「書を捨てよ、町へ出よう」という言葉があります。「家に引きこもらないで外に出よう」という意味合いで1970年代によく使われた言葉です。 エコツーリズムは学術分野ではまだ若い分野のせいか、研究に取組む学生たちの発表の場はそうそう多くありません。日本エコツーリズム協会では、若い世代にエコツーリズムについて発表できる機会を提供するため、今後もこの学生シンポジウムを開催していく予定です。



開催日: 2011年1月29日(土)

会場: 東京大学農学部

発表者数: 研究発表者9団体、ポスターセッション発表者17団体

対象: 大学生および一般

参加人数: 延べ約280名




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