Interview with the next Ecotourism Master Class Expert, Scott Dye

Interview with the next Ecotourism Master Class Expert, Scott Dye

Scott Dye and Michelle PowelsonInterview with Scott Dye

Scott Dye, along with Michelle Powelson, will presenting TIES' next Ecotourism Master Class: A Multifaceted Approach to Golf Course Water Conservation. The case study investigates the most efficient and cost effective water conservation options for the San Diego based golf course. A portion of this research will be published in TIES founder and Harvard Professor Dr. Megan Epler Wood’s new upcoming ecotourism book.


Can you tell us about yourselves and why you think ecotourism and sustainable tourism is important?


I first became interested in environmentalism while working with AmeriCorps to help victims of the BP Oil in the Gulf of Mexico. This interest eventually led me to the Harvard Environmental Management and Sustainability Masters Program. I was uncertain of what my niche would be in the field, until I took the Environmental Management of International Tourism Development course taught by TIES founder Dr. Megan Epler Wood. Ecotourism is a perfect marriage of my love for travel with a passion for sustainability.


How did this project begin?


This project was the final research paper for the course mentioned above. While researching potential topics, I came across an article from San Diego Union Tribune investigative reporter Morgan Cook, detailing the fact the Mission Bay Golf Course in San Diego still uses public drinking water for irrigation.


What were some of the challenges and successes from the project?


The biggest challenge we faced came from the operators of the Mission Bay Golf Course, who declined the opportunity to partner with us on the project. We were able to overcome this, due to the fact the golf course is public, which meant all of the necessary data was publicly available. The greatest success we had was designing a system that was sustainable both financially and environmentally.


What can tourism professionals hope to learn from this course?


It is our hope other tourism professionals can take away several of the methods we explore for water conservation and project financing. We also hope to inspire those faced with environmental and financial hardships. Through a collaborative and multifaceted approach, we were able to produce a creative solution for this challenging situation.

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