International Ecotourism Society and Travindy announce partnership

International Ecotourism Society and Travindy announce partnership

International Ecotourism Society and Travindy announce partnership


Starting this month, one of the longest running organisations in sustainable tourism will start to collaborate with one of the newest.


Founded in 2015, Travindy is the first news website to focus exclusively on sustainable and responsible tourism. Each week its site features the latest stories on the sustainable innovations and issues affecting the industry from across the internet, and also publishes an email newsletter featuring a round up of the top stories each week.


Travindy's story format is also unique, as each item is presented with a short summary of its content; a few key bullet points from the story; and a link out to the original article source. For those needing more depth, this is then supported by further relevant information; key social media contacts connected to the story; and finally relevant reports and practical tools enabling people to engage with the themes covered in the story. Users can also subscribe to individual issue tags should they choose, so that they receive stories on topics that matter to them, but aren't swamped with yet more email they don't want to read.


Throughout, the aim is to make it as easy as possible for people to keep up with developments in tourism sustainability. "There is so much happening in the world of sustainable and responsible tourism,' explains Travindy Editor Jeremy Smith, "but until now finding the best information has been extremely time consuming. We believe that by providing people with what they need quickly and efficiently, we can save them time and thus help them be more efficient and sustainable in their own businesses."


This month the International Ecotourism Society (TIES) became Travindy's first partner. "It is important to have a comprehensive news site with up to date information focusing entirely on the sustainable tourism sector," states TIES Director of Operations Julia Guerra, "so we encourage all TIES members to share their successes and challenges with Travindy." TIES has no say over Travindy editorial, which will always remain independent. The partnership has been entered by both as they wish to help sustainable tourism flourish by sharing news of best practice and issues as widely as possible. "We've spent the last few months building our technology and developing our approach to news," explains Travindy CEO Anula Galewska. "We're now looking to grow our audience base by connecting with authoritative bodies and their members. For this reason we couldn't hope for a better first partner than The International Ecotourism Society."


Over the coming months the two parties will be exploring further ways they can collaborate.

For more information contact Travindy's Editor Jeremy Smith or CEO Anula Galeska


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