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Sustainable Tourism Certification Quickfinder Launched

Sustainable Tourism Certification Quickfinder Launched

Which certificate to choose?


Interview: D’Arcy Dornan on Sustainable Tourism

Interview: D’Arcy Dornan on Sustainable Tourism


This original article first appeared in Sustainability Leaders in Travel and Tourism.


Adventure Travel and Social Responsibility at ITB Berlin



View the original article on ITB Berlin


Ecotourism Generates 8 Billion Visits A Year

Ecotourism Generates 8 Billion Visits A Year


This original blog post first appeared in EcoWorldly



50 Key Findings Identified Addressing Wellness in Leisure and Business Travel

Los Angeles, [January 5, 2015] Wellness Tourism Worldwide ( has identified 50 key findings addressing wellness in leisure and business travel in the United States.

Healthy Ecosytems Key to Better Food Security


Healthy Ecosystems Key to Better Food Security


UN Agencies Unite to Strengthen Support for Sustainable Ecosystems and to Implement New Sustainable Food Systems Programme


The Intrepid Foundation- Travelers Making a Difference

The Intrepid Foundation

'Trade before aid' has become a common catch-cry in contemporary approaches to sustainable development. Bring business opportunities to a community and you'll help support the local economies, support employment and empower local people to improve their standard of living on their terms. This has been the approach of Intrepid Travel, as the company has grown the adventure tour operating business to more than 100 countries on 7 continents, and employing more than 2000 people.




Best Practices: Borneo Ecotours and Bonco Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO)

A Community Project in Sabah, North of Borneo


Kudat sits on the northern tip of Borneo. It is a very beautiful place 

– with white sandy beaches and miles of coconut trees that line 

Best Practices: Natural Habitat Adventures



The Importance of Sustainability in the Travel Industry

Where Macaws Fly - The Story of the Buraco das Araras in Bonito, Brazil

The Buraco das Araras (Sinkhole of the Macaws) was once a cave. The roof collapsed and a big hole of 124 metres deep and 160 in diameter was formed. The cliffs proved ideal nesting grounds for Red-and-Green Macaws (Ara chloropterus) and other birds.


Braztoa Sustainability Awards 2013 reveal a great diversity of sustainable tourism initiatives in Brazil

Roteiros de Charme, an association of independent boutique hotels which adhere to an environmental code since 1992, was the overall winner of the II Braztoa Sustainability Award on Novermber 12th 2013. But an international jury of 14 tourism specialists was impressed by the the great diversity of the 48 initiatives presented in 5 different categories : Hotels, Institutional Partners, Trade Partners (non-Braztoa members), Travel Agencies and Braztoa Members.

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