IES Global Announces Sponsorship of Football League in Chengdu, China

IES Global Announces Sponsorship of Football League in Chengdu, China

Chengdu Football Team Photo

Sponsor of the 2013 Chengdu International Football League

Chengdu Football LeagueIES Global is proud to announce their sponsorship of the 2013 Chengdu International Football League in conjunction with residents of the city of Sichuan. The sponsorship is part of the continued push by IES Global for its program participants to get active, become involved in the community, and to live and travel responsibly.


A number of IES Global participants carrying out their teaching internships in Chengdu formed a team and joined a football league in their spare time. Their team name was 'Baozilona' and IES Global sponsored them for the 2012 season. They won their league and the continued success of the competition as a whole has prompted IES Global to become a leading sponsor for the 2013 calendar year.


The Chendgu Football League is just one example of what IES Global hopes to be a long line of interesting and fulfilling opportunities providing program participants with a chance to keep healthy and culturally immersed.


Organizer David Nicholson has also thanked IES Global for their support, “We are very pleased that IES Global has made a commitment to support our league and allow us to continue to offer a competitive environment in which people of all abilities and nationalities can get together and play football.”


IES Global Managing Director Joanne Wong commented that “IES Global’s sponsorship goes a long way to not just help run a very well operated footballing competition but also raise awareness for playing local football in China which is a much talked about issue.”


Supporting the Protection of the Giant Panda

Pang Da PandaIES Global has also recently launched a charitable initiative aimed at protecting one of the planets most endangered species – the giant panda. ‘Pang Da Panda’ is IES Global's  designated Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Ambassador and for every friend he has on Facebook by the end of 2013, IES Global will donate 1RMB to a panda sanctuary in China.


Through these and other initiatives, IES Global illustrates their commitment to CSR and the communities in which they operate.  IES Global also continues to support local NGO’s through their volunteer program, which began in 2011.


About Chengdu International Football League (CIFL)

The CIFL is open to all people who are interested in playing football in Chengdu. They have several options for foreigners looking to participate including an '11 a-side' and a '7 a-side' league, running at various intervals throughout the year.


About IES Global

IES Global provides work experience, internship and Mandarin programs in China, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia. IES Global was founded in 1992, and has been bridging the gap between East and West with cultural immersion opportunities ever since. IES Global has previously received the 2012 JCI Socially Responsible Company Award for CSR and the 2011 and 2013 ASEAN Outstanding Business Award for our work in China.


For more information, please contact Peter Davis at p.davis[at]


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