Hopineo, collecting and sharing best sustainable practices in hotels

Hopineo, collecting and sharing best sustainable practices in hotels

Florie Thielin, TIES Media Volunteer during ESTC15 in Quito, created a video playlist of key attendees, including Sandra Naranjo, the Minister of Tourism Ecuador, and Dr. Kelly Bricker, the TIES Chair.


She is also currently leading a special project called The Hospitality Tour, during which she has been traveling throughout Central and South America for a year and a half, collecting and sharing sustainable hotel practices while sharing her marketing skills in exchange for room and board. Get to know Florie, the Hopineo project, and how you can be involved too!





Hop!neo1. How does Hopineo contribute to sustainable tourism?


In addition to existing measures (labels, networks, institutions and local authorities) Hopineo enables small and medium sized companies committed to sustainable tourism to:


• Find practical and proven sustainable solutions to empower their sustainable approach and process: HopSolutions.

• Find volunteers to share knowledge, get a one-time help in exchange for room and board, according to their needs of the moment: the HopTrips


1.1 HopSolutions: collecting and sharing the best practices


Travelers are collecting and sharing the practices already implemented with success by tourism-operators by writing articles or publishing videos splitting them into ten categories:


Agriculture and Catering
Construction and Lay-out
Local Development
Social Responsibility
Water Management
Waste Management
Transport and Green Mobility
Local Heritage and Biodiversity
Traveler’s Awareness Raising


1.2 HopTrips: putting volunteer travelers and sustainable tourism operators in touch


HopTrips are a volunteering solution which enables:


• Sustainable tourism operators to have a one-time help to improve their sustainability and / or develop their business.

• Travelers to commit to promotion and development of responsible tourism by sharing their time and skills in exchange for room and board while travelling.


The tourism sector, like many others, is mainly composed of small and medium organizations.
Operators involved in a sustainable approach are often isolated, and lack time and means to improve their approach and find concrete solutions. Meanwhile, more and more citizens look forward to make sense with their actions, especially while travelling.

Not speaking of the choice of an accommodation or a service provider, only few simple volunteering solutions exist dedicated to sustainable tourism.


Hopineo will launch in August 2015 a new website where travellers (HopTripers) and sustainable tourism operators (HopHosts) will be able to create a profile in order to facilitate the communication between both of them and agree on the skills, dates and global conditions to organize their time spent together.


2. What and who is Hopineo?


2.1 The People


Justine and Mahery founded Hopineo in 2014 and inaugurated the initiative leading a successful 4 months HopTour of France.


On July 1st 2014, Florie decided to go to Latin America to discover this continent through the prism of hospitality and tourism. She offers her marketing skills to hotels in exchange of a room. The Hospitality Tour was born! She met Justine and Mahery through another travel-blog. There were too many points of mutual interest for them not to work and move on together. After a 2h Skype meeting, Florie decide to join the team and officially became the first Hopineo Ambassador. The Hospitality Tour became a HopTour. Stay tuned on her Hopineo Blog and Facebook Page in order to follow her on this great adventure and learn about sustainable tourism through Latin America watching the videos that she is publishing on her way from Mexico to Argentina.


Hop!neo2 Logo2.2 The Organization


Hopineo aims to grow a community including all the stakeholders: travellers, tourism professionals, communities, networks, territories and partners… Each person or organization who starts working with Hopineo may, as far as he wants it, take part in discussions and decisions. All together, we can grow a collaborative and volunteer community dedicated to sustainable tourism: the Hopinoers!


It is collaborative economy. All the Hopinoers contribute freely to the project.


You can join the team, become a HopTriper, or join the project by lending your skills occasionally. Whatever it is, the task is great; there is space for everyone! Feel free to contact us.





Hopineo website: www.hopineo.org
Florie's blog and marketing eBook: www.thehospitalitytour.com


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