Green Traveller: Guide to the Forest of Bowland Promotes Green Holiday Opportunities

Green Traveller: Guide to the Forest of Bowland Promotes Green Holiday Opportunities

Green Traveller Guide to Forest of Bowland

Photo: Graham Cooper / Forest of Bowland


If one of the obstacles between you and a green vacation is finding quality options, Green Traveller has taken the guesswork (and anxiety) out of where to stay, what to eat and what to do in the Forest of Bowland region of northwest England. To produce the extensive online travel guide, Green Traveller vetted its picks for restaurants, lodging, and attractions based on quality of experience, benefit to the region’s local economy and commitment to environmental conservation.


As highlighted here in the Travel Mole article announcing its debut, the Guide to the Forest of Bowland includes an interactive map of featured businesses, upcoming festivals and events, and in-depth information on how visitors can reduce their environmental impact by travelling to and around the area by public transport and by walking or cycling more.


GreenTraveller Forest of BowlandThis region has been called the wild and remote heartland of Yorkshire and Lancashire for good reason. Located in the northwestern part of England, the Forest of Bowland has the distinction of being an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), and the first protected area in England awarded the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas.


Designated by the EuroParc Federation, the Charter is a tool for management of sustainable development, including tourism development, used in Europe's protected areas.


Photo: Charlie Hedley / Forest of Bowland


The Guide also provides information for travelers in four categories: Where to Stay, Where to Eat, Where to Visit and What to do. The list of accommodations ranges from luxurious hotels to campsites, all having received accreditation from the Green Tourism Business Scheme: the UK’s sustainable tourism certification system. Eating in the region also runs the gamut, with a focus on where to find local and traditionally-raised foods such as lamb, beef and Lancashire cheese, as well as those that grow wild in the region, such as bilberries and elderflowers.


The attractions of the Where to Visit section includes opportunities to appreciate gorgeous scenery, pretty villages, quaint tea rooms and lush green gardens. Not to mention the incredible natural beauty of the land that brought you there in the first place: heather-covered moorlands, green valleys and pristine forest. The last category, What to do, includes activities visitors might want to partake in such as hiking, cycling, wildlife watching, or even just relaxing.


In addition to all that, the Guide provides recommendations for transportation to and within the Forest of Bowland, and an overview of all the major events that occur throughout the year. All parts of the experience have been assessed by Green Traveller and are suitable for any traveler wanting to green their vacation.


Richard Hammond, GreenTraveller's CEO says, "We hope this GreenTraveller Guide to the Forest of Bowland will boost the national awareness of this specially protected part of England, and help residents and visitors make the most of their time here in a way that brings local economic benefits while conserving the very special landscape. This Guide is the latest of our online destination platforms for specific regions in the UK, including other Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONBs) and National Parks that are proving popular with holidaymakers looking for that special local touch."




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