Go Differently: Community-Based Tourism and Volunteer Vacation in Southeast Asia

Go Differently: Community-Based Tourism and Volunteer Vacation in Southeast Asia

Go Differently


By Nikki Bond


Go Differently is a UK-based ethical tour operation specializing in small group and tailor-made trips as well as volunteering/voluntourism itineraries primarily in Southeast Asia. Go Differently has worked closely with the North Andaman Tsunami Relief (NATR), providing web space to promote and solicit support for the NATR team's activities, as well as sending direct financial contributions collected from clients and other UK donors. Go Differently continues to support NATR as its Adventure, Community-based and Ecotourism (ACE) projects evolve.


Since the tsunami disaster in December 2004, Go Differently has been running two-week volunteering trips throughout the year which offer opportunities to assist the tsunami recovery efforts along with adventure and relaxation.


The benefits of these trips are manifold: The participants not only gain precious experience of helping the local people rebuild their lives, but also enjoy aspects of adventure and cultural tourism. For the tsunami-affected communities, these trips bring much needed business to the areas, while helping with the economic recovery through volunteer work.


The precise itineraries of these trips vary depending on the need and the interest. In the past 15 months, Go Differently volunteers have helped with a number of community projects, while participating in homestay and other local programs. Read some of the volunteers feedback.


Volunteering opportunities with Go Differently will be available in the coming months. Check for updates and more details of the tsunami volunteering trips.


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