Global Responsible Transport Service, Green Path Transfers, Rolls Across Europe

Global Responsible Transport Service, Green Path Transfers, Rolls Across Europe

Green Path Transfers transports earth-conscious travellers in Europe

Green Path TransfersNew York, NY/USA, May 9, 2012 - Perhaps no other continent encompasses such a diverse collection of countries and cultures as Europe. From the beautiful forests and medieval towns of the Balkan and Baltic states to the splendid scenery of the Alps, the eternal allure of the Mediterranean and Atlantic seaboards, and the cultural heritage and stylish character of its urban spaces, Europe has an obvious appeal that attracts travellers from all around the world. In fact, more than 480 million international tourists per year have been visiting the continent lately, thanks in part to its open borders and well-established tourism infrastructure.


Given the size and scope of Europe, though, visitors often only see what’s presented on packaged travel itineraries. They never experience the plenty that awaits independent travellers who choose to explore the continent at their own pace. And for the earth-conscious, Green Path Transfers – the world’s largest, global, ground-transfer service focused on eco-friendly operators and greening the market – now offers secure, reliable and competitively priced 100-percent carbon-offset transport in key destinations in Europe and well beyond.

Superb European Sights

Having launched in March 2011, Green Path Transfers quickly assumed the mantle as market leader in eco-friendly intercity and airport transfers worldwide. Catering to business and leisure travellers alike, the company offers local transport by taxi, limousine and shuttle in more than 300 destinations. For this young and rapidly growing network, a far-reaching presence in Europe – one that reaches its most exciting cities and noteworthy sights – was clearly a vital step.


"It's great to see Green Path Transfers accessing such a diverse, interesting continent," says Adrian Cordiner, CEO of Green Path Transfers. "We look forward to making travel easier within Europe by providing comfortable, efficient and eco-friendly transport to visitors from around the world."


For travellers keen to discover the fashionable metropolis of Milan, the historic architecture of Rome or the resplendent artwork and canals of Venice, Green Path Transfers now offers instantly bookable and hassle-free connections throughout Italy.


Likewise, many culturally renowned capitals of Germany are easily within reach via carbon-offset transport between Frankfurt, Munich and beautiful Berlin.


For visitors who might wish to explore the vast expanse of Russia, the company offers transfers between countless cities and historic towns, from Black Sea beach resorts such as Sochi to world-famous imperial cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg.


Many more European destinations await as part of the large and growing network of responsible local transport operators.   

Going Green

For Green Path Transfers, going green means making a conscientious commitment to sustainable practices, green technology and putting travellers on the right road to a less toxic future. Focused on the growing eco-friendly sector of the ground-transportation industry, the company goes a good green step further than any other transfer company by both neutralising all of its carbon emissions with its 100-percent carbon-offset policy.


Whether you are travelling from the airport to the Hermitage Art Museum at the historic centre of St. Petersburg, heading south to Barcelona for a glimpse of some of the world’s finest architecture by Antoni Gaudí or rounding out your time with a comfortable transfer to the Polish city of Krakow, Green Path Transfers' focus on environmental responsibility means both corporate and leisure travellers can reduce their carbon footprints without increasing their costs.


Green Path Transfers is today also pleased to help global travellers to Europe arrange environmentally responsible transport in cities and towns as wide-ranging as Athens, Greece; Bucharest, Romania; Budapest, Hungary; Bratislava, Slovakia; Chisinau, Moldova; Dublin, Ireland; Paris and the French Alps; Lisbon, Portugal; Medjugorje, Bosnia-Herzegovina; Prague, Czech Republic; Sevastapol, Ukraine; Sofia, Bulgaria; Tallinn, Albania; Tbilisi, Georgia; and Vienna, Austria.


"We’re proud of the commitment that all of our local partners around the world have made toward a greener future," adds Cordiner. "We are continually looking at ways to offer better services, cheaper prices and more eco-friendly vehicles to our customers."

About Green Path Transfers

Green and friendly, Green Path Transfers is the new global airport and inter-city transfer service from the WHL Group. In keeping with a vision to build a sustainable tourism industry, Green Path Transfers partners with the best, green, local airport-transfer companies – those with a commitment to zero or very low carbon emissions – but also offsets 100% of the carbon emissions generated across all destinations. Green Path Transfers has also put in place a range of incentives and supports to move all airport transportation partners toward a greener future.


For more information visit or contact Adrian Cordiner, adrian[at], +61 2 9816 1774.




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