Global Responsible Transport Service, Green Path Transfers, Now in Business in over 300 Destinations

Global Responsible Transport Service, Green Path Transfers, Now in Business in over 300 Destinations

The world's largest global ground-transfer service focused on eco-friendly operators and greening the market, Green Path Transfers today announced that it has expanded its presence to over 300 cities and destinations worldwide.


Green Path TransfersNew York, New York, 28 March, 2012 - The world's leading global ground-transfer service focused on eco-friendly operators and greening the market, Green Path Transfers ( today revealed that its comfortable, reliable, competitively priced and 100% carbon-offset airport transfers and ground transport is available in 300 destinations worldwide.


In the year since the company made its debut in March 2011, Green Path Transfers has focused on building partnerships with key local transportation operators. It lists taxis, limousines and shuttles that meet the demands of business and leisure travelers alike, especially those conscious of their carbon footprints and searching for transportation alternatives.


"We are overjoyed to have reached 300 destinations in almost exactly one year," says Adrian Cordiner, CEO of Green Path Transfers. "This gives us a global reach matched by only the biggest global airport-transfer networks and shows that an interest in and passion for eco-friendly, well-priced transportation is valued throughout the world."


A Greener Vision


From the start, Green Path Transfers has pursued a goal to 'go green' ( through sustainable practices, always endeavoring to incorporate partners that share a commitment to reducing greenhouse gases. While a growing number of local transport operators already maintains top-quality fleets of no- or low-emissions vehicles - using hybrid and electric engines or running on recycled waste products and other types of non-fossil fuels - new partners without access to the latest technology enjoy incentives for conversion to alternative systems and have agreed that, over time, they will work to minimize their carbon emissions.


To pave the way to a less toxic future in all destinations, especially those where new technology is not yet readily available, Green Path Transfers has also implemented a 100% carbon-offset policy. Working with verified carbon-offset agencies such as Blue Ventures and atmosfair, Green Path Transfers delivers peace of mind to its clients with the knowledge that each trip taken helps support some of the world's cleanest energy projects.


As the travel market shifts in favor of local experts able to offer a range of options for responsible travel, Green Path Transfers looks to leverage its broad reach and vision of sustainability to help both travelers and the industry go green. With that in mind, energized by its growth in its first year, Green Path Transfers shows no sign of slowing.


"Hitting this major threshold doesn't mean we're easing off," adds Cordiner. "We've got a whole bunch of interesting, exciting new destinations due to come online soon. We're confident that we'll be offering environmentally friendly airport transfer options in over 500 destinations around the world by the end of 2012."


About Green Path Transfers


Green and friendly, Green Path Transfers is the new global airport and inter-city transfer service from the WHL Group. In keeping with a vision to build a sustainable tourism industry, Green Path Transfers partners with the best, green, local airport-transfer companies - those with a commitment to zero or very low carbon emissions - but also offsets 100% of the carbon emissions generated across all destinations. Green Path Transfers has also put in place a range of incentives and supports to move all airport transportation partners toward a greener future.


For more information visit or contact Adrian Cordiner, adrian[at], +61 2 9816 1774.





Adrian Cordiner, CEO, Green Path Transfers

Email: adrian[at]
Phone: +61 2 9816 1774




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