Patagonia Outdoor Adventures and Environmental Challenges in Chile Patagonia Outdoor Adventures and Environmental Challenges in Chile

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What Is GiroVai? is an online tourism company formed by a group of travellers with different professional backgrounds and different nationalities. Our aim is to break the geographical barriers of the southernmost region of the world and offer a high standard service to those interested in experiencing the same adventurous spirit of pioneer explorers. What we offer on our website are just options of many other things you can do in this area. All of our programmes are totally customised.

Patagonia Travel Tips

All of our destinations involve outdoor activities. According to our customers, those programmes that offer multi activity choices are the most on demand, that is, trekking, kayaking, biking and horse riding. A "must-vist" place in Patagonia is the valley of the Rio Puelo Cochamo, northern Patagonia. It is a very isolated area and virtually unexplored part of the Patagonia. It is a place that can only be accessed by trekking or horse riding and although it seems impossible, there are still people living in these areas preserving the way of life of the pioneers. This is one of our top and exclusive destinations.

Patagonia Environmental Challenges

We invite our customers to explore the Patagonia from the perspective of respect for the preservation of the environment. Patagonia is an area rich in natural resources. There have always been projects about how to exploit them sustainably. Currently there is still a great discussion regarding the installation of a hydroelectric plant in the area of Aysen, Chile, which would solve the problem of lack of energy in Chile, but on the other hand, involve flooding a large area of Patagonia.


What the tour operators can do is always to provide programmes that do not harm the environment. Preserve those areas that have not been urbanised in the same way and of course make our customers know in advance the importance gives the preservation of the environment.


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