The Galapagos Islands as a Trendy Destination for Responsible Tourism

The Galapagos Islands as a Trendy Destination for Responsible Tourism

The Galapagos Islands as a Trendy Destination for Responsible Tourism


The Galapagos Islands is known worldwide as the muse of Charles

 Darwin´s Theory of Evolution. Its finches, giant tortoises, and blue-footed boobies are spread in the collective mind. Also, it is considered by many as an exotic destination, not in vain! However, in recent years the efforts that locals and organizations are doing for preserving the islands and minimizing the tourism footprint in the archipelago is increasing. Hence, besides those efforts, many travelers looking for a trip with purpose has begun to consider the Enchanted Islands as a sustainable destination and then looking forward to getting involved in the local projects.

Therefore, local tour operators have been developing new tours around the need to act responsibly and also to interpret these efforts for our visitors. In this way, it is possible to complement the regular cruise and island hopping tours. The aim is spreading the word about the efforts that, at the same time, offer new experiences to travelers willing to

The Case of the Responsible Travel: Trends & Statistics 2016 in its report defines responsible tourism as “tourism that maximizes the benefits to local communities, minimizes negative social or environmental impacts, and helps local people conserve fragile culture and habitats or species.” In fact, it is possible to say that the first step towards sustainable tourism is the responsible tourism, considering that sustainable tourism is the way to empower the community to provide the management of all resources which impact the economy and social needs while preserving the culture, ecosystem, and local way of life (


According to En Breve bulletin, published by the World Bank´s Latin America and Caribbean Region, the Ecuadorian Government recognized the importance of promoting and supporting management practices that address environmental and conservation challenges, especially in the Galapagos Islands.

Consequently, many tour operators are striving for the inclusion of new traveling options. Latin Trails is not the exception to this trend. It has developed new products and services that allow visitors to have an authentic and in-depth experience with local communities.

Either for those passengers that cruise the archipelago aboard the Galapagos Sea Star Journey and the Galapagos Seaman Journey, there is the option to add some days more and live closer the Galapagos way of life as well as contributing to the small projects that are having a great impact on the sustainability of the archipelago.

For example, in the case of the Galapagos Islands, Latin Trails is featuring sustainable projects that will add to the authentic experience of visiting the Islands for travelers. Guests can either work in a local farm harvesting product such as oranges, carrots, papaya or otoi, (food of giant tortoises) or visit a local school where they can interact with the children.

Moreover, there are more options besides the Galapagos Islands. Latin Trails is including the option in Quito

 of visiting project SINAMUNE sponsored by Fundación Edgar Palacios in Quito in their catalog of tours. SINAMUNE is the acronym for Sistema Nacional de Musica para Niños Especiales (National Music System for Kids with Special Needs). By including SINAMUNE in Latin Trails catalog, the tour operator is not only supporting the sustainability of this program, but also allowing travelers to interact with the student musicians while learning about Ecuadorian culture through its music, and dances. 

Latin Trails is also investing in supporting Ecuadorian culture and traditions in Quito’s local community of San Marcos. The Illa Experience Hotel is the newest luxury boutique hotel in Quito. The hotel focuses on bringing back ancient traditions lead by the people of the local community of San Marcos, offering them interaction with local artists and artisans in the historic neighborhood during their stay.

San Marcos, it is one of the few residential boroughs in the historic district. In addition to the facilities offered by the hotel, there is a series of traditional experiences lead by locals such as making sweets or painting a watercolor with the guidance of the principal teachers of the Watercolor Museum located in the area.

To summarize, Latin Trails, like other local tour operators, looks forward to reaching beyond the traditional tour to connect travelers with the local community, their work, and their way of life to provide an authentic and life-enriching experience.

If you require more information about the responsible tours and options for adding these special itineraries for your guests to experience sustainable tours and immersive itineraries in Ecuador and the Galapagos, please don´t hesitate to contact Latin Trails at




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