Ecotourism Master Class Series: Storytelling through Video Blogging with Florie Thielin

Ecotourism Master Class Series: Storytelling through Video Blogging with Florie Thielin

 Storytelling through Video Blogging by Florie Thielin


Ecotourism Master Class Series:

Storytelling through Video Blogging

with Florie Thielin


TIES met Florie Thielin during ESTC15 in Quito, Ecuador, when she volunteered for us to create video interviews of experts in the field. During this time, she was on her HopTour Latin America project, sharing her marketing skills in exchange for room and board.  Loving the concept, TIES and Florie partnered together to continue sharing her stories of best practices in ecotourism and sustainable tourism. This Ecotourism Master Class Series will share best tips for creating video blogs, an increasingly important skill in the age of Social Media Marketing.  The class will be held on January 12th at 9am and 9pm EST and is FREE for TIES members. Register here for the course!



Can you tell us a bit about yourself, Hopineo, and your HopTour Latin America?


In July 2014, I left France to fly to Mexico with a crazy idea in mind: traveling through the countries of Central and South America swapping my marketing skills for room and food. Just before I left, I met through the internet Justine and Mahery, a couple of French people who were about to start quite a similar initiative traveling through France, but with an even better idea. While they were traveling and swapping their own skills, they were also collecting and sharing good practices for responsible tourism. They were publishing, for free, a digital library of field solutions to share the successful experiences of the tourism professionals they met. They invited me to join this “Hopineo” adventure. This is how a kind of “Wikipedia” for responsible tourism was born: a worldwide collaborative platform of community-minded travelers, dedicated to the construction of a better tourism.


Why are you passionate about ecotourism and sustainable tourism?


Because with a bit more than 1 billion of people crossing borders each year, tourism is one of the leading sectors of economic activities, and the first employer in the world. By acting specifically for the inclusion and integration of sustainable development in tourism, each citizen and each organization can contribute to a better world. Sustainable tourism is not a trend or a niche market, it’s a way of developing tourism which has to become a norm… otherwise there is no future for tourism. Justine and Mahery published a short 15 minute documentary, which about the subject:



How is storytelling and video blogging an effective marketing tool?


Because “the story that you don’t tell doesn’t count” as told me once Pedro Medina (Yo Creo en Colombia) and to answer the question in details on a marketing perspective, I invite you to read this great article of TrainingAid: Travel Storytelling: How Can Stories Help Destination Marketing? and this other one of Mark Shea: How NOT to use Online Video Marketing for Tourism Regions and the Travel Industry, Expensive Australian Failures.

Moreover short videos are such an efficient way of sharing stories; it shares much more emotions than just an article or a photo, it’s entertaining, and it’s constantly becoming more visible (for example Facebook has been highlighting video much more significantly in the last year). Have a look, for example, at the amazing professional work done by GLP Films for inspiration: or at this YouTube Channel of a luxury hotel chain, LUX* Resorts & Hotels.


Who is this course designed for and what can they expect to learn?


I’m not a videographer. A year and half ago, before to start this HopTour through Latin America, I did not know anything about video editing. But as I was lazy to write blog articles, and I noticed that people were also lazy to read them, I started to make short videos to share the good practices and stories of tourism stakeholders I met during the trip. I learned thanks to good tips of friends, from our partner FrapaDoc Productions, and with tutorials on YouTube. I went from this kind of video Cotorco Sea Turtles Conservation Program – Costa Rica” to this kind of video Hopineo presents Andean Lodge - Ausangate, Peru”. It’s still not perfect (and will certainly never be!), but I gathered some good practices gaining experience in this field: how to shoot the video, to edit it, and to share it. I will be happy to share with people attending this class module some very concrete and practical tips, so they can learn to do the same, and hopefully can benefit from my experience to learn quicker, and have fun making video blogging as well!


Find plenty of concrete solutions and tools for responsible tourism: Hopineo


Follow the adventure of Florie through Latin America: Blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn


Have a look below at the last videos published by Florie during her HopTour:









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