Ecotourism Master Class Interview: Pamela Lanier on Agritourism

Ecotourism Master Class Interview: Pamela Lanier on Agritourism

Pamela Lanier, The Place of Agritourism in the Ecotourism Big Picture


Ecotourism Master Class Interview: Pamela Lanier on Agritourism


Pamela Lanier will be presenting at the next Ecotourism Master Class Series on The Place of Agritourism in the Ecotourism Big Picture. She will assess the ways agritourism can add upon and expand an existing ecotourism business such as lodges, touring companies, and community agricultural efforts with a focus on indigenous communities with proximity to protected areas, such as parks. Pamela has been a TIES member for many years and recently presented at ESTCNA in Tampa Bay, Florida.


Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
--> Pamela Lanier is the author of 20 travel books in over 130 editions, as well as eight cookbooks. Ms. Lanier has made presentations at over one-hundred and thirty conferences in North America and abroad on the topics of sustainable hospitality, eco-tourism and agritourism. Encompassing world heritage and cultural values and with much experience in consulting on rural tourism, Pamela has a broad-based view of opportunities to expand most any destination's marketing reach.


When did you first hear about ecotourism?
--> Both my parents were nature lovers who had grown up in agricultural places, so I would have to say that they introduced me to it. They also enabled me as a student to attend the United Nations Ecology Conference in Stockholm Sweden where I was amazed to be the youngest in a group who proposed the moratorium on killing whales. We were even more surprised when that was the one piece of legislation that passed!


How is agritourism an important component of ecotourism?
--> Agritourism is a facet of the whole. What we eat and drink are some of our most visceral and moving experiences. The respect with which any geographic area approaches its unique and diverse foods has a profound effect on the tourism and of course on the lives of the local people.


What can tourism professionals hope to learn from this course?
--> How to make sojourns into agricultural areas a useful and profitable add-on to already built-out ecotourism experiences.


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