Ecotourism Master Class Interview: Irene Lane and the ROI of Going Green

Ecotourism Master Class Interview: Irene Lane and the ROI of Going Green


Interview with Irene Lane

Ecotourism Master Class Series

‘The Bottom Line Financial Effect, ROI of "Going Green"

April 13 at 8am and 8pm EST


Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your work with Greenloons?


I am the founder of Greenloons, which is an online platform of eco-certified experiences that inspire people to think different, be different and travel different – in ways that help to ensure a more sustainable planet.  More recently, I started as a result of designing a financial model that helps tourism boards, eco-certification bodies and individual businesses answer questions such as How exactly does sustainable tourism affect the bottom line? and What sustainable projects will increase my return on investment?


Why are you passionate about ecotourism and sustainable tourism?


The trigger was when my husband and I began actively seeking out nature experiences and cultural immersion activities as part of our travels around America and around the world, with our young son.  He was so fascinated by the wonders of nature and listened so attentively during teachable moments that I began to research online for family nature travel experiences, which eventually led to green travel.

However, to my astonishment, there was a lot of confusion around the terms eco, green, nature, responsible, and sustainable. I thought that the industry was doing itself a disservice by not being clear. 

What started out as an information portal for travelers gradually evolved to what Greenloons is today.  The added bonus is that I’ve been able to utilize my academic credentials and professional experiences to contribute to the industry in a number of ways.  Combining it all with my passion for travel has been a dream come true!


What are some real-time benefits that you’ve seen from a business learning about the ROI of going green?


Tourism business owners routinely either do not understand ecotourism or decide to work off a checklist of best practices in the hope that certain investments will yield economic value.  But hope is not a good business strategy.

Now, with a holistic ROI model, business owners can accurately measure the financial bottom line effect for sustainable investments.  Hope can be replaced with financial modeling.

The benefits of this approach include:

· Utilizing financial modeling to calculate the five-year impact and economic value behind ‘going green’  

· Being able to better budget and market the changes that social, economic and environmental sustainability can bring to an individual business

· Enhancing the reputation of the tourism business given improved supplier relationships and increased transparency behind marketing claims to customers, and

· Increasing profitability given the identification of the levers that affect ROI the most for an individual business. 



Who is this course designed for and what can they expect to learn?


The course is designed for tourism boards, individual (eco or those that are wanting to become green) tourism business owners, and certification bodies that want to provide benchmarking data to current and prospective clients.

During the course, they will learn about:

· The foundational components of typical ROI models,

· The advantages of employing a holistic ROI model,

· The additional investments, savings, and incremental revenue opportunities included in this ROI for Sustainable Tourism model, and

· Case study description and results as well as the driving elements for ROI and ecotourism trends for Ireland.



Irene's class will be held April 13th at 8am and 8pm EST

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