An Ecotourism HopTour of Peru

An Ecotourism HopTour of Peru

Ecotourism HopTour of Peru


An Ecotourism HopTour of Peru

After a wonderful ESTC conference in Quito and a “HopTour” of Ecuador, Florie continued her adventure down the South America continent with a two months trip through Peru! As always, she shares the best tourism practices and stories that she encountered on her way through video blogging and helping small accommodation providers with marketing tips in exchange for room and board (read previous article on TIES about the Hopineo initiative for a better tourism). Follow her adventure on Facebook and Hopineo Blog. She compiled for you the article below with 8 videos (all available with English subtitles).



1) Community-Based Tourism Experiences


Around Titicaca Lake: Walther, and its rural tourism network ASTURS, developed in collaboration with the French organization DEPARTS a program of microcredit supported by the donations of travelers.



In the Sacred Valley, Urubamba: Llama Pack Project is working on the promotion and reintroduction of llamas use through trekking programs. Llamas are Incan ancestral animals, environmental-friendly and could become again a great source of income for small villages in the Andes through responsible tourism.



Near Cusco, Ausangate Glacier: Andean Lodges has built, in collaboration with the Quechua communities of Chilca and Osefina, four lodges above 4300m and offers high-end trekking packages with lamas. The communities are co-owners of the Andean Lodges company.



2) Ecolodges Commited for a Better Tourism

North of Peru, near Chachapoyas: The president of the small tourism association of Cuispes, Jarvik, is a co-owner of La Posada de Cuispes, a lovely renovated family house in a very quiet typical village. He’s leading community work, such as the great Yumbilla waterfall ecological track.



Near Nasca : Olivia was a pioneer in ecotourism in the area, meet her and the Wasipunko Ecolodge.



In Colca Valley : Chakapata Ecolodge was born from a sweet initiative of a young French couple who fell in love with the region. All was built with ancestral techniques and natural materials.



3) Exemplary Receptive Travel Agencies

Explore Peru and particularly the Qeros territory with Antoine Georges and Transhumancias. Antoine offers to travelers to take them to a different Peru, deeper and off the beaten tracks. Antoine and his team have a vast knowledge of the whole country. They can even take you to the most beautiful and remote territories like Q'ero (the last incas) pristine country.



Stay with locals thanks to Casas del Peru network and let their friendly Peru Durable Travel team organize for you a very authentic trip!



Florie is starting this month her HopTour of Chile, and she will continue then with Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil. If you have any sweet ecotourism initiatives to recommend her, write to her at And stay tuned on Facebook HopTour – Latin America and


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