An Ecotourism HopTour of Ecuador

An Ecotourism HopTour of Ecuador

Ecolodges in Ecuador


An Ecotourism HopTour of Ecuador


After a great ESTC conference in Quito, Florie went on an ecotourism “HopTour” of Ecuador. While she is traveling, she gives good tips in marketing to responsible hotels, lodges and community-based tourism centers in exchange for room and board while sharing their best practices in sustainable tourism making short videos (read previous article on TIES about the Hopineo initiative for a better tourism). She had already traveled this way from Mexico to Colombia and she’s sharing with us a compilation of videos she shot all around Ecuador from the Amazon, to the Pacific coast through the Andes Mountains. Enjoy!

1) Community-Based Tourism in the Amazon Rainforest

Community-Based Tourism in the Napo River Region, Ecuadorian Amazon




Meet Douglas, Yachana Ecolodge & Foundation, Amazon Region, Ecuador 




Meet Bastienne, Huasquila Ecolodge, Amazon Region, Ecuador



2) Hiking in the Andes Mountains around Quilotoa

Hiking at Quilotoa Lake & Surroundings



Meet Andres and Edmundo, Black Sheep Inn Ecolodge, Chugchilan, Ecuador 



3)    Inland culture and marine wildlife on the Pacific Coast

Ecotourism on the Ecuadorian Pacific Coast by Narwell Ecotours




Meet Nicola and Dario, Rio Muchacho Organic Farm & Ecolodge, Canoa, Ecuador 




Meet Ana, Pacoche Natural Reserve & Lodge, Ecuador 



4)    Birdwatching in Mindo’s Cloudforest

Retrospective about the Tourism Development of Mindo, Ecuador


Meet Molly & Efrain, Casa Divina Lodge, Mindo, Ecuador 





Florie is starting this month her HopTour of Peru, and she will continue then with Bolivia, Chile and Argentina. If you have any sweet ecotourism initiatives to recommend her, write to her at And stay tuned on Facebook HopTour – Latin America and


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