An Ecotourism HopTour of Chile

An Ecotourism HopTour of Chile

Florie Thielin's Ecotourism Hoptour of Chile Videos



An Ecotourism HopTour of Chile


Following the ESTC conference in Quito, Florie continued her HopTour of Latin America with Peru, Bolivia and… Chile! As always, she is traveling through the continent sharing her skills (videos and marketing tips) for room and food one country at a time as part of the Hopineo Ambassadors Team. You can follow her adventure on Facebook and on her Blog. She compiled for TIES’ followers this article with 10 mini-documentaries that she made through Chile (click on the “subtitle” icon on the right-bottom to activate English subtitles).


Meet Passionate and Committed Entrepreneurs


AYSÉN: From the very middle of the Chilean Patagonia, Claudio shares with us a bit of his personal history and passion for the sea, and how tourism could help to protect the marine fauna and flora from the intensive salmon industry. Claudio is offering to travelers excursions on his boat, Drakkar III in the small village of Puerto Cisnes.




CHILOE: Johanna shares with travelers her passion for growing organic food and cooking, directly from the garden to the plate (near Ancud).




ARAUCANIA: Vive Nativa Ecolodge is the sweet home of a family who are following their dream with a peaceful rural lifestyle, treehouse, mill house, and trolley house in Pitrufquén (south of Temuco). Lester shares with us his technique to keep going ahead with clear objectives in mind.





ELQUI VALLEY: Casona Distante is a family farm house located between two muscatel vineyards, and which was renovated in a very pretty ecolodge. Rina shares with us a bit of the house history and her vision of a better tourism (near La Serena).





Get inspired by good practices of tourism stakeholders


TORRES DEL PAINE: TIES Member Ecocamp Patagonia is certainly one of the most exemplary tourism initiatives across Chile. They share with us some of the key elements that they usually present to their guest as part of the “ecotour” of the lodge.





TIERRA DEL FUEGO: Australis offers expedition cruises through Tierra del Fuego fjords on their routes. Visiting glaciers, forests, fauna and going to Cape Horn, they are also committed in working in collaboration with the scientific community to support investigations in the area.




TORRES DEL PAINE: Hotel Las Torres started in 1992 with 9 rooms within the family farm (cf video of the hotel history), it’s now one of largest hotel in the area with about 80 rooms. Providing a high-quality service is their priority number one, and they understood well that having employees happy is one of the key to reach it.




The example of three NGOs working towards a better tourism


TORRES DEL PAINE: Ama Torres del Paine is a foundation aiming to support and finance the investigation for the development of programs oriented to the environmental care and preservation. As part of this mission, they organized an ambitious plan of reforestation involving schools of the region.




ALL CHILE: Regenera is an NGO founded to promote the substantiality on the tourism industry along South American continent and Chilean territory. The NGO focus on advising the government, municipalities, companies and entrepreneurs on how develop a tourism that puts in the main stream local community; respecting their customs, traditions and highlighting the natural heritage around them. Always framed by the GSTC sustainability criteria.



AUSTRAL ROAD: Futaleufú Riverkeeper is working on protecting the river using specially tourism as more sustainable local development plan for the future of the area.






Florie will be continuing to travel through Argentina and Brazil. If you have some good examples of ecotourism initiatives to recommend her, please, reach her at And stay tuned on Facebook HopTour – Latin America and



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