An Ecotourism HopTour of Bolivia

An Ecotourism HopTour of Bolivia

Ecotourism HopTour Bolivia

An Ecotourism HopTour of Bolivia

After her travels in Peru, Florie met with Elsa again in La Paz for a one month HopTour of Bolivia and North Chile with the Hopineo project. They met the first time at the ESTC conference organized by TIES in Quito. Elsa was attending the conference as a professional in tourism since she is the manager of the receptive travel agency Narwell Ecotours settled on the Pacific Coast of Ecuador. She was really interested in Florie's project, in which she travels and visits sustainable hotels and projects, and helps them with marketing and short videos in exchange for room and board. This HopTour of Bolivia was an opportunity to exchange good practices and to discover the tourism market in another country of Latin America.


1) On Lake Titicaca, Isla del Sol: La Estancia Ecolodge


The first hotel visited was the Estancia Ecolodge. The manager, Mateo, explained to them a very interesting way to heat rooms when you're dealing with a variety of weather conditions, such as sunny and windy during the day and cold at night. The Trombe Wall is a technique that a lot of places could adopt to heat their own rooms.




2) Near to La Paz, Jupapina: Colibri Camping and Ecolodge


The Colibri Camping and Ecolodge has a very active volunteering program thanks to which they support projects of the community. Rolando and Emma, the owners, tell us the origin how this idea came to their brain, how they have been able to concrete it successfully and present the projects supported.




3) All around Bolivia: TUSOCO Community-Based Tourism Network


The TUSOCO network is supporting several community-based tourism projects in different parts of Bolivia. The most important things which have helped these communities through TUSOCO are the writing and adoption of a code of conduct for both the traveler and the community, the visibility and commercialization of international markets through TUSOCO Viajes, as well as the ongoing training of the local communities (for guiding, customer relationship, cooking, …). Sandro helped Florie and Elsa to visit two of these projects in Villa Tunari and San Pedro de Sola.




4) In Uyuni Salt Desert: Hotel Palacio de Sal


The last accommodation facility visited during this HopTour of Bolivia has been Palacio de Sal, a hotel built quite entirely of salt. They have created a new concept using as a central theme the local natural material for the building as well as for the furniture and the gastronomy. Florie and Elsa met the team there and gave two talks during which they have been able to exchange opinions and points of view about the challenges and solutions to the development of a sustainable tourism.






Florie will be continuing alone through Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil. If you have any sweet ecotourism initiatives to recommend her, write to her at And stay tuned on Facebook HopTour – Latin America and


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